How Can Smokers Protect Their Mental Health?

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asserts that smoking is more common among adults with mental health conditions than in the general population. In an independent study done at the University of Priština, it was observed that students who smoked were likely to have clinical depression in comparison to non-smokers.

In this blog, we will explain the correlation between smoking and mental health challenges and also offer a remedial approach.

How Are Smoking And Depression Connected?

If you are depressed, then your natural levels of dopamine in the body will be lowered compared to that in non-depressed individuals. When you smoke regularly, you encourage your brain to switch off its mechanism for making dopamine, as the nicotine present in cigarette smoke is already triggering the secretion.

Consequently, in the long term, the dopamine supply decreases, which in turn makes you feel morose or negative. This cycle leads you to nicotine addiction, as it encourages you to smoke more to restore the levels of dopamine to feel better again.

Well, for debaters, this could be the classic case of who came first — the chicken or the egg. But it can’t be ignored that smoking and poor mental health are strongly associated with each other.

“While it may be too early to say that smoking causes depression, tobacco does appear to have an adverse effect on our mental health.”
Prof. Hagai Levine
Research Senior

How Can Smokers Combat Mental Health Challenges?

Whatever the scenario, whether you took recourse to cigarettes owing to poor mental health or whether you are experiencing problems after starting to smoke, it is certain that nicotine plays a key role in aggravating your mental health.

We don’t recommend you shun cigarettes immediately. Doing so will impact you physically and emotionally. Smoke mindfully. Recognize your triggers and become aware of your cigarette smoking habit. In other words, don’t smoke distractedly, but smoke consciously. At the same time, you must:

  • Compensate your nicotine buzz with Smotect Natural Tablets
  • Follow mindfulness with two techniques
  • View Smotect Guided Sessions

Combat Depression With Smotect Natural Tablets

Smotect Natural Tablets are nicotine-free. These tablets are patented, unique scientific formulations of 12 therapeutic herbs. Through herbs, such as Kapikacchu and Ashwagandha, these tablets lead the body to produce its own dopamine. Consequently, nicotine dependence reduces. This naturally released dopamine also helps to sustain the elevated mood, increased energy levels and stamina.

Smotect Natural Tablets are 100% safe and natural and clinically proven. They offer the following benefits:

  • Lower your dependence on nicotine
  • Help alleviate irritation and anxiety
  • Calm your nerves
  • Alleviate depression in smokers
  • Reduce cravings
  • Protect the nerves from damage due to chemicals present in smoking tobacco
  • Improve concentration, information retention, and memory which diminishes owing to smoking
  • Manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Restore lung health/functions
  • Protect vital organs (lungs, heart, brain and skin) from the impact of years of smoking
  • Enhance the oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide removal capacity of the lungs

Combat Depression With Mindfulness Techniques

At times, while smoking, you may fail to realize that this habit is connected to your emotional state.

Body scan technique helps to release the emotion healthily. In this form of meditation, you pay attention to your body and bodily sensations gradually from feet to head. This technique helps you to maintain a relaxed state when you are stressed.

Additionally, you must also practice the R.A.I.N. technique. It is a four-step mindfulness process that helps you redirect your negative thoughts. The term stands for.

R — Recognize

A — Allow,

I — Investigate,

N — Non-Identification

With this technique, you will learn to:

  • Recognize your emotion at the present moment
  • Allow yourself to process the emotion
  • Investigate the cause of the emotion in an open-ended and friendly manner
  • Begin to detach from the notion that smoking is reflective of your whole being


Combat Depression With Smotect Guided Sessions

These guided sessions are a step-by-step video series made by quit-smoking experts based on the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) approach. These videos:

  • Provide tangible tools, techniques and breathing exercises to strengthen your mental muscle and manage cravings and withdrawals.
  • Equip you to deal with slips and relapses effectively.
  • Practice positive self-talk.
  • Reinforce awareness of your psychological triggers and smoking patterns.
  • Overcome your mental dependence on smoking.

To Sum Up

To combat depression or mental health challenges during smoking or due to smoking, you need to adopt a holistic solution that encompasses the biological, psychological and social (BPS) aspects of cigarette smoking.

Smotect Natural Tablets help combat biological cravings, while mindfulness techniques and Smotect Guided Sessions help combat psychological cravings. Remember, quitting smoking is possible. All you need is a bit of persistence and the right guidance and support. Sign up for the Smotect Quit Smoking Program today and embrace a smoke-free life for good.

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