RAIN: A 4-Step Exercise to Beat Cigarette Cravings

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RAIN: A 4-Step Exercise to Beat Cigarette Cravings

The first step to quitting an addiction is to decide that you are ready to give up the addiction. We're talking about cigarette addiction here! Though there is a long way to go to stop cravings, knowing where to start successfully can be your second step in quitting smoking completely.

A craving typically lasts 3–5 minutes; according to research, it is strongest in people who have smoked the longest. This is the most critical period because it is extremely intense. The more you try to flee from it, the more it will overpower you.

Quitting smoking is not easy, but there are many ways to overcome the inability to quit.

People who are trying to quit smoking are often concerned that their health will take a long time to improve. However, the health benefits can be seen much sooner than people realize. Within minutes, you quit smoking; your body begins to recover.

Your heart rate and blood pressure will have decreased after 20 minutes of quitting smoking. The health advantages may continue to improve. Though we all know the benefits of quitting smoking, managing your cigarette cravings can be a battle one has to go through.  

When you decide to quit smoking, negative thoughts may creep in.

This is where the "RAIN technique" comes into play. What exactly is the RAIN technique, you ask? It's a four-step mindfulness process that helps you soften and redirect your negative thoughts.

This technique will assist you in resisting cigarette cravings by drawing your attention to your emotional distress. With these basic exercises, get ready to RAIN on your parade of negative thoughts and harmful patterns. 

Firstly, let us explain what RAIN stands for.

R-Recognize, A-Allow, I-Investigate, and N-Non-Identification

-Recognize that whatever you’re feeling is craving.

-Accept that it’s because you have been trying to quit, and that’s why you feel this way.

-Investigate how it really feels when a craving rides in. 

-Note that you are not a slave to your craving. It is just a feeling, and it will pass by.

This exercise can be done once or twice each day when you are not smoking. Just like working out helps you to build your body’s muscles, each time you practice RAIN, it helps to make your mental muscles stronger and prepares you for whenever you are faced with a craving.

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