About Us

Project Happiness was founded to bring a positive change in society by helping individuals enhance their overall quality of life. Gurseet (Founder) saw the need of the hour in the plight of smokers who were unable to quit despite multiple attempts. But, unfortunately, there was no effective treatment that dealt with smoking comprehensively during this time. 

He decided to start Smotect (under Project Happiness) to develop a holistic solution to alleviate their addiction and improve their quality of life. Since 2015, Smotect has undertaken numerous clinical trials and extensive research and helped many kick the smoking habit with 20,000+ success stories. 

Our Vision

To positively impact society by bringing transformation towards improved quality of life for all.

Our Mission

To help smokers by providing them scientific support & guidance in their quitting Smoking journey.

Meet the Leadership Team

Gurseet Singh - Founder Smotect

Gurseet Singh


Gurseet has been running Artefacts for the past 20 years, but he wanted to impact society by bringing in Quality of life positively.  Smotect has been his way of helping smokers quit and rid society of smoking. He knew first-hand how difficult it was to quit, and through Smotect he offers a holistic approach to quit smoking for good. Under Project Happiness, Gurseet’s passion for research inspires him to develop holistic programs that enhance people’s quality of life and provide positive value for the betterment of our society.

Swaarup S Chatterjjee

Chief Consulting Officer (non - executive)

In Swaarup's opinion, "Smotect is the best combination of handholding and assistance for motivating and assisting smokers to choose life over smoking and other similar tobacco addictions. Smotect is a perfect compliment towards such an initiative that’s not only based on ayurveda but probably currently the only such alternative for the society assuring a direct and powerful promise to change (for the better)."

Chitra Kelkar - Head Of Psychology Smotect

Chitra Kelkar

Head of Psychology

Chitra has been a professor of Psychology for the last 22 years and is a practicing counselor and a certified Life and Executive coach. She has been a professional on various therapeutic approaches of Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, and System Theories & is also trained in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).  She believes in Smotect because of its holistic offering model of BPS (Bio-Psycho-Social) that helps quit smoking in a sustainable manner.

Krupali Tayade - Head Of Research Smotect

Krupali Tayade


Krupali feels that a successful product based on an ancient Indian tradition to quit smoking is a better solution for smokers. That is why, she is so driven to advocate and wishes to reach as many people as possible by raising awareness about Smotect. She is also quite excited about brainstorming creative ideas that may effectively reach every corner of the planet to smokers especially those who are willing to quit smoking, as well as those who are not willing, shall atleast give a thought of quitting cigarettes. Working with a holistic approach, Smotect also offers a psychological concept & scientifically proven Guided Sessions to quit smoking, which is a great support for smokers. This encourages Krupali to make the world smoke-free since she sees the agony that individuals who smoke go through.

Sayee Ravale


Sayee believes - Every individual has the power to make a positive change in themselves if they choose to, with the right support system and belief in them. She also comes with a master's in science and counseling expertise. This encourages Sayee to take a step forward and listen to their smoking-related obstacles. In addition, she has considerable experience working with smokers and has been upskilled to deal with a complex group. Smotect is appealing to Sayee since it delivers an evidence-based solution with zero side effects for smokers.

Divya Guliana


Priyanka has a strong desire to assist people and solve their problems, and she has taken a step ahead by being a good listener to their smoking-related concerns during their quitting journey. She also has a lot of experience working with smokers and has been trained to work with a wide range of people. Priyanka is intrigued to Smotect because it offers an ancient-based origin remedy that is nicotine-free for smokers and can help them finally quit smoking.