The Most Effective Way to Convince Your Friend Or Someone to Quit Smoking

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The process of quitting smoking is daunting. Withdrawal, cravings and bad moods can affect a smoker’s stress levels. Did you know that nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and heroin? So, it is likely that your friend will experience a relapse after deciding to quit smoking.

In such a situation, well-wishers usually convince their smoker friend to kick this habit for good by:

  • Offering unsolicited advice
  • Encouraging them frequently
  • Reiterating the toll of tobacco on health
  • Show them anti-smoking messages
  • Telling how expensive smoking is
  • Preaching them
  • Warning them they will die young

Sometimes, these approaches could turn the table for the smoker, making them feel guilty. They might end up being a recluse and smoke secretly.

What if we tell you that Smotect offers an approach that is 10X better than conventional anti-smoking methods? In this blog, we will shed some light on Smotect Quit Smoking Program and explain why it is the most effective approach to convince your friend to quit smoking.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
- Chinese proverb

Smotect Quit Smoking Program — An Overview

For starters, this program is not a test of your smoker friend’s willpower. It addresses the biological, psychological and social (BPS) aspects of cigarette smoking so that they don’t fall into the smoking habit again.

Our approach comprises a balanced blend of Smotect Natural Tablets that help beat biological cravings and Smotect Guided Sessions that help beat psychological cravings. Moreover, your friend can seek guidance and support through our WhatsApp channel:

Reasons Why Smotect Tablets Are Better Than Other Anti - Smoking Tablets In Market

There are plenty of reasons that make Smotect Natural Tablets more effective in combatting smoking.

#1] 100% natural and safe

An expert team of scientists, including Medical/Ayurveda doctors, botanists, and pharma experts have formulated these tablets and tested them for safe consumption.

#2] Nicotine-free

The tablets are devoid of nicotine unlike the conventional nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) that feed nicotine to smokers’ brains to prevent them from smoking.

#3] Zero side effects

Smotect Natural Tablets are herbal-based. So, there are no side effects. We carefully select the herbal ingredients from the natural source of origin. We check their quality rigorously, ensuring they meet the Pharmacopeia standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

#4] Clinically tested

The tablets are proven to be effective over short and long-term use for quitting smoking.

#5] Efficient in helping quit smoking

Smotect Natural Tablets lead the body to produce its own dopamine. This naturally released dopamine helps to sustain the elevated mood, increased energy levels and stamina. The tablets attack harmful free radicals and prevent organ damage due to smoking. They help combat irritation, anxiety and depression in smokers. The tablets protect the nerves from damage due to chemicals present in smoking tobacco.

Additional Benefits:

  • Lower dependence on nicotine
  • Protect lungs and respiratory system
  • Restore lung function
  • Improve breathing quality
  • Relieve smokers' cough
  • Manage stress and withdrawals
  • Improve digestion and immunity
  • Improve sleep, relax the mind and help the skin stay healthy
  • Reduce CO/COHb levels
  • Clear nicotine and other toxins
  • Revive vital organs
  • Lower the chances of cancer

How Do Smotect Guided Sessions Help In Beating Psychological Cravings?

The guided sessions are based on the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) approach.

MBCT is a mix of cognitive therapy and meditative practices. It encourages an individual to be mindful.

These sessions are delivered via a step-by-step video series that helps smokers to quit smoking by:

#1] Encouraging them to accept their cravings

Through mindfulness techniques, such as R.A.I.N. and body scan technique, we encourage smokers to identify the triggers, be aware of them, investigate their cause and then learn to detach themselves from them.

#2] Asking them to be mindful of their smoking habit

We ask them not to give up smoking rashly. On the contrary, we urge them to experience the sensations that lead them to smoke so that they are fully aware of the act of smoking, i.e. feeling the cigarette, experiencing its taste and feeling the smoke.

#3] Making them dislike the idea of smoking

Gradually, smokers learn not to smoke distractedly. The next time they smoke a cigarette, it is the cigarette that becomes the center of attention and not their emotional cue. They begin to experience the ‘burning feeling’ and the bad taste while smoking.

#4] Helping them overcome their mental dependence on smoking

These sessions strengthen the smoker’s mental muscles, equipping them with the ability to deal with slips and relapses effectively.

#5] Enabling them to experience the joy of not smoking

The video sessions reinforce awareness of the smoker’s psychological triggers and smoking patterns and help them become a non-smoker for life.

To Sum Up

Fear or guilt are not effective to help your friend give up smoking. It is important for you to perceive their situation through their lens. It would help if you read about nicotine dependence, smoking cues, and nicotine withdrawals so that you learn to be empathetic to your friend.

Last, but not the least, help your friend release themselves from the clutches of cigarettes with Smotect. Our approach is humane, practical and centered on decades of meditative practices. Lead your friend to sign up for the Smotect Quit Smoking Program today.

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