How Biology, Psychology, and Social Factors Influence Health

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If you want to know how to quit smoking naturally, Smotect smoke free tablets offer a holistic approach by dealing with physical, mental, and social aspects of smoking.

It’s widely accepted now that health is defined by overall well-being and not by the absence of disease. Good health is a combination of various factors and there is much more than meets the eye. This forms the basis of the Bio-psycho-social approach, everything is well connected to your quit smoking journey. It takes into consideration all the important influences such as biological, psychological and social factors. 

In addition to the biology or physiology underlying health, it takes into account the psychology of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that influence health. When it comes to overall health and wellbeing, we must look at treating and understanding a condition by including social and behavioral patterns – and that is exactly what a smoking cessation program does.

 The Bio-psycho-social model comes in handy to fully understand any underlying issues for general well-being and especially on your path to quit cigarettes.

Biologically Speaking,

The extent and duration of habit smoking are determined by genetics, family smoking history, how smoking impacts your other bodily systems such as dulling the taste buds, a compromised immune system, effects on lungs or toxin accumulation in the body. Over some time, our brains develop nicotine receptors that in turn plays a role in hijacking the dopamine (happy hormone/neurotransmitter) pathway in the brain – so give up smoking today using the best quit smoking tablets.

Psychologically Speaking,

It is difficult to quit smoking because of the beliefs and habits formed about smoking, common triggers, stressful environment, perhaps a coping mechanism and others that determine our tendency to smoke.

Socially speaking,

Before going to the part where you learn about the quit smoking effects (the good ones), you need to know how a smoker is perceived in a social environment, the cultural norms around them, peer-pressure or nagging, the ease in socializing while smoking, all these and more contribute to the extent and duration of any smoking habit.

All these factors come to play and create a unique smoking behaviour or habit that forms a part of a personalized “smoke story’ for every smoker.

If one wishes to quit smoking permanently, this holistic approach that considers the three essential facets is ideal as it tackles the condition from all sides, a 360-degree solution. The best smoking cessation treatment offers a combination of therapies such as mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy to understand any habit patterns which is usually a solid step to stop smoking. The key is to unlearn the habit and form a new habit. But we recognize that quitting is an uphill task that comes with its own set of failures and setbacks. 

Just as Mark Twain famously said, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

A holistic smoking cessation therapy with this Biopsychosocial approach comes in handy for such expected speed bumps on the road to recovery. It cultivates a mindset that empowers an ex-smoker to efficiently handle these slips and relapses and identify as a ‘non-smoker’. The success mantra to quit smoking is to be compassionate toward self, use the correct detox and protective medicine and most importantly to have a strong social network that will be there with you in this rewarding journey to become a non-smoker.

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