What is Dopaminergic Action and how it is induced Pleasure

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The best way to quit smoking is about stopping nicotine changing our brain functionality – and the best tablets for quitting smoking do the job.

Smoking changes the brain in response to very high levels of nicotine released from cigarettes. These brain changes can lead to nicotine addiction, which can make it very difficult to quit smoking.

What is Dopamine and how does it work?

Before we tell you how to quit smoking or why you cannot give up smoking easily, you need to know how Dopamine works on your body and mind.

Our body functions on the commands provided by the brain. These commands or signals are sent through nerves/neurons through various chemical transmitters called Neurotransmitters. There are a wide variety of these transmitters running across our body and conducting various physical and psychological functions like controlling heartbeats to controlling our mood. 

Any derangement, deficiency or excess production and function of these neurotransmitters can cause acute as well as chronic problems. These neurotransmitters can be stimulated through various good and bad methods including foods, exercise, habits, drugs etc. Habit smoking is one such habit that acts specifically on these neurotransmitters.

Dopamine release signals a pleasurable experience and is critical to the reinforcing effects of nicotine in tobacco. Nicotine from tobacco induces stimulation and pleasure, reduces stress and anxiety – momentarily. And when you quit smoking, people tend to feel headaches or restlessness, which is commonly known as the quit smoking side effects. 

However, with the right smoking cessation, like the Smotect quit smoking program, such minor occurrences will soon subside. The best part is that our Smotect quit smoking natural tablets are 100% natural and made with 12 therapeutic herbs – and that is why this smoke free tablet has zero side effects. 

Now, let us discuss the relationship between Dopamine and Nicotine in detail.

Dopamine and Nicotine

Nicotine is the chemical in tobacco that doesn’t let you quit cigarettes. Nicotine that helps into your body through cigarettes initiates structures ordinarily present in your cerebrum called receptors. Whenever these receptors are actuated, they discharge a cerebrum chemical called dopamine, which causes you to feel better. This delight reaction to dopamine is a major aspect of the nicotine addiction process.

Tobacco is a natural source of Nicotine that binds selectively to nicotinic cholinergic receptors (nAChRs) in the brain. Stimulation of this receptor by nicotine results in the release of a variety of neurotransmitters in the brain, most importantly dopamine. Nicotine causes the release of dopamine in a specific area of the brain i.e. dopaminergic neurons of the midbrain, and in the shell of the nucleus accumbens. Other neurotransmitters, including norepinephrine, acetylcholine, serotonin, γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), glutamate, and endorphins are released as well, resulting in various actions of nicotine.

Habit Smoking modulates their level of arousal and controls mood in daily life. 

As mentioned above, it is hard to give up smoking as it may improve concentration, reaction time and performance of certain tasks.

When a person stop smoking and use a smoking patch or other natural drugs for smoking cessation, nicotine withdrawal symptoms emerge. 

These include the following:

✅ Irritability

✅ Depressed mood

✅ Restlessness

✅ Anxiety

✅ Difficulty in concentrating

✅ Increased hunger and eating

✅ Insomnia 

✅ Craving for tobacco may represent powerful stimuli to relapse to tobacco (smoking) use.

If you do not quit smoking and start getting the best treatment for smokers, it will continue to produce mood disturbances comparable in intensity to those seen in psychiatric outpatients. One may feel that there is little pleasure in life and that activities that were once rewarding are no longer enjoyable (Hedonic dysregulation), which is seen with withdrawal from nicotine. All these may occur due to a relative deficiency in dopamine release following long-standing nicotine exposure. This makes the whole process of quitting smoking a difficult one.

To make your quit smoking journey considerably more troublesome, the cerebrum receptors can be adapted to expect nicotine in specific circumstances long after you have quit smoking. For instance, assuming you consistently smoke when you drink liquor, when you are in an upsetting circumstance, or after supper, the nicotine receptors in your mind expect the dopamine rush from nicotine around then. These trigger circumstances can cause profound desires for a cigarette, regardless of whether you have quit smoking for a very long time.

Fortunately, when you stop smoking cigarettes completely using Smotect quit smoking tablets, the number of nicotine receptors in your brain will eventually return to normal. In this case, the reaction of craving is less frequent, less lasting or less intense, and disappears altogether over time.

How Smotect Quit Smoking Natural Tablets work? (The science behind it)

To get the benefits of quitting smoke or know how your body works after quitting smoking, we would advise you to consider the Smotect smoking cessation program. 

Smotect anti smoking tablets contains highly effective, scientifically proven and safe ingredients in the form of herbs that enhance the action of these neurotransmitters more specifically dopamine, without causing any dependence. 

There are two primary herbs available in our anti smoking drugs that possess these activities are – Mucuna Pruriens and Withania Somnifera.

Scientific studies on Mucuna pruriens and Withania Somnifera extracts have revealed the presence of bioactive compounds that exhibit a wide variety of pharmacological effects, including neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that can offer treatment for smoking addiction. One such bioactive compound present in abundance in Mucuna Pruriens is L-dopa, a precursor of the neurotransmitter - dopamine. It is due to the presence of this highly effective ingredient – L-Dopa in Mucuna Pruriens that it is used for the management of Parkinson's disease throughout the world. Mucuna Pruriens seeds are traditionally used as a nerve tonic and as an aphrodisiac for men.

The dopamine content in brain tissue is reduced when the conversion of tyrosine to L-dopa is blocked – a big leap for your quit smoking journey. L-Dopa, the precursor of dopamine present in Mucuna pruriens, can cross the blood-brain barrier and undergo conversion to dopamine, restoring this neurotransmission. This naturally released dopamine acts to provide sustained elevation of mood, reduction of stress and anxiety, happiness, energy and stamina. All these contribute to providing the necessary support at the time of smoking cessation. This process also helps to naturally fight the withdrawal symptoms that the smoker may experience thus allowing a natural process of quitting smoking. 

Withania somnifera is a very popular herb that is a rich source of highly active natural compounds called alkaloids (Withanolides & Withaferin). These are known to possess neuroprotective (nervine tonic) and adaptogenic effects (Stress reliever). These also stimulate the secretion of dopamine. All these activities combined with the anti-oxidant profile makes Ashwagandha a very potent ingredient that helps to not only quit smoking but also provide the necessary stamina, energy to fight those after quit smoking effects while improving your adaptability to stress.

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