Smoking eases Stress and Anxiety: Myth Busted

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It is difficult to quit smoking because it is associated with suppressing depression and anxiety. However, the best smoking cessation program is here to bust that myth.

How often have we seen a protagonist stuck in a highly stressful situation reaching out for a cigarette and pensively puffing away much of their stress – however, we may not even know that the actor himself may be trying to give up smoking and attending a smoking cessation therapy! 

This is not just limited to the cinematic universe. Most smokers use cigarettes as self-medication to relieve stress and anxiety – and that is the dilemma we need to understand before seeking the best way to quit smoking.

Contrary to the popular belief that smoking eases stress, it causes anxiety and depression. Just like smoking is harmful to your physical health, it also has detrimental effects on your mental health – so join a smoking cessation program today and create the “new you”.

Can Smoking Alter Our Brain Chemistry?

From the inside, all of us feel that smoking makes us feel bloated or more restless – but the brain chemistry works differently – it is actually quite fascinating, so read it before looking for the best treatment for smokers or anti smoking drugs. 

Studies show that smokers are more likely to develop anxiety and depression – and the only way out of this is the quit smoking tablets. Our body releases Dopamine, a happy hormone that helps us feel good and lead a calm, focused living. Dopamine spikes with food, achieving small or big tasks, or indulging in any favorite activities such as watching a show, eating a bar of chocolate or even getting 'likes' on social media!

The best way to quit smoking is to know how smoking affects our body, so you may get the benefits of quitting smoke. The nicotine present in cigarettes affects the brain chemistry ensuring that dopamine is released only when nicotine reaches the brain. It is almost like smoking puts a lock on natural dopamine secretion.

Dopamine levels drop with reduced nicotine in the body. This gives rise to irritation and restlessness. And a smoker may reach out for a cigarette to get out of this. It may kick in dopamine secretion, but it’s only a momentary solution and lasts for a short period with full dependence on nicotine. This may cause or increase overall anxiety, stress or restlessness in a person – and can only be balanced by taking the anti smoking tablets.

Can one put an end to this vicious cycle?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Cutting down on cigarettes by joining a smoking cessation program can rewire the brain gradually and improve the overall mental well being and mood. Many effective ways can help you quit smoking and make the journey as easy as possible.

✅Take help and guidance from a Quit smoking program that is holistic and looks at the whole picture using the Bio-Psycho-social model. This can equip you with very useful tools required to quit smoking successfully.

✅ Mind training with experts will help in breaking daily patterns and associations formed with smoking and help you break the habit loop.

✅ Use a social platform or community of friends/family that can provide support and open space for discussions.

The Smotect Quit Smoking program packs all these benefits in one simple and comprehensive model. Smotect natural tablets additionally provide a unique and useful US Patented formulation of natural herbs that help you quit smoking and also reduce any stress or anxiety caused in the process.

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