How to claim your Freedom from Nicotine Cravings?

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Most people who wish to quit cigarettes and want to know how to quit smoking naturally must understand the meaning of “Cravings” first. Read on to know the best tips to quit smoking.

It is difficult to quit smoking because the cravings at best may be a difficult hurdle to overcome but surely not impossible. But first, it is imperative to fully understand what it means and why we have them – before even seeking the benefits of stopping smoking.

I am really craving a cigarette, it’s all I need right now.

How often have we heard this and accepted it as the smoker’s truth, a matter-of-fact statement? That there is no getting by the dreadful ‘cravings’. Those cravings will be the last nail that breaks one’s commitment to quit smoking permanently?

Simply put, craving is a physiological response in which the body yearns for something to which it has adapted and become tolerant – and the smoking cessation programs targets that part first. These cravings are categorized into two types: Physical and Emotional.

Your body's reaction to nicotine withdrawal can be felt physically. Our bodies get used to certain levels of nicotine in their system and an absence of this is felt when not provided, which is commonly known as the quit smoking side effects.

Physical cravings are usually experienced as tightness in the throat or belly, accompanied by feelings of tension or anxiety. However, Physical cravings last for only up to 3 minutes when they appear. And if one starts using the quit smoking tablets instead of nicotine patch, it will be easier to get by these three minutes, and the physical cravings will diminish. When you give up smoking, in just a few days any remnants of nicotine are out of the system and the bodies get used to being without it. So, the good news is that in a matter of a few days or more, one can be free of any physical addiction or physical cravings! 

Now what’s probably still causing all the ‘cravings’ after quitting smoking is the emotional side of it. Emotional cravings are triggered by our correlation of smoke with a certain emotion. Our associations of smoke with being social, celebratory or as a de-stressing instrument.

 How many of us can swear that the morning cup of tea is better with a cigarette, or have found ourselves reaching out for a smoke after an emotional episode of happiness or anger deeply felt? This is a habit loop and the main stumbling block on your quit smoking journey. A conditioned thinking pattern. But yet again, the good news prevails, this too can diminish just as the physical cravings if you seek a natural treatment for smoking addiction.

It’s often noted that smokers correlate things like being able to focus better, think better or even enjoy better with a cigarette. “It’s just one puff” / “Ah, I’ve worked so hard. I deserve this one smoke’. But these are just thoughts that overpower through memories, correlation and habits – and this is where the smotect quit smoking tablets benefits us.

Simply recognizing these thoughts is the first and a significant step towards quitting by joining a smoking cessation therapy, like the Smotect quit smoking program. Being more mindful, attentive towards self, journaling and other such tools can identify these overpowering thought patterns and lead you into a successful smoke-free journey of diminished mental cravings. Remember, cravings are real but they will pass – and there aren’t any side effects of quit smoking tablets like there are for nicotine patches

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