5 Tips for Quitting Smoking That Actually Work

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Congratulations on taking this decision to quit smoking! Consider it half the battle won. Smoking cessation is just like learning any new activity — say swimming or cycling — you will make mistakes several times, and you will doubt your ability consistently until you finally get the knack of it.

All you need is some guidance, motivation and backing. That’s why, we have rounded up 5 top tips to help you lead a smoke-free lifestyle. 

Tip #1 — Set your date

Pick a date and share it with at least one loved one for the sake of accountability. Avoid picking a date too far away. It will rob your motivation from you.

On that date, discard your cigarettes and put away anything that would remind you to smoke. At the same time, also decide your reason for quitting smoking. Thinking about this reason during cravings will drive you to meet your goal.

Tip #2 — Recognize your triggers

The first obstacle to quitting smoking is urges/cravings. Be aware of these cravings. Awareness will help you counter them and make you stick to your resolution. You could get both physical and psychological cravings. 

  • Physical cravings: These are usually tightness in the throat or belly, and anxiety. 
  • Psychological cravings: These cravings could be categorized into 4 types:
    • Emotional (anxiety)
    • Pattern (after meals)
    • Social (partying)
    • Withdrawal (seeing a lighter)

Tip #3 — Get medication

Get Smotect Quit Smoking Natural Tablets. They are nicotine-free, scientific formulations of 12 therapeutic herbs, formulated to help you quit smoking.

Additionally, they help repair your lungs and other vital organs, such as the heart, brain & skin from the impact of several years of smoking. They are 100% safe and natural, clinically proven, GMP-certified and FDA-approved. 

Consume 2+2 tablets (total of 4) every day at any time of the day or as directed by your physician. Light smokers (up to 4 cigarettes/day) need to take a course of 112 days.

Moderate smokers (up to 10 cigarettes/day) need to take a course of 336 tablets, and heavy smokers (above 10 cigarettes a day) need to take a course of 448 tablets.

Tip #4 — Take support

Get your family and friends to join you in your anti-smoking drive. They could be a great motivator when you are tempted to light up — reminding you why you started to give up smoking in the first place.

Alternatively/additionally, you could join a support group to feel a sense of community. Many such groups organized behavioral/counseling sessions and offer relaxation techniques to manage stress levels, helping smokers to avoid a relapse. 

You could also consider an app to track your habit. These apps present your progress chart and often come up with words of encouragement to help you stay without a cigarette. 

Tip #5 — Reward yourself

Remind yourself about the huge savings you are making by simply choosing not to smoke. Gamify your anti-smoking initiative by rewarding yourself with something fruitful, say a fun activity on a weekend or any other thing that gives you great pleasure.

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