3 Effective Ways to Manage Cigarette Cravings

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When you begin to quit smoking, your mind may be consumed excessively with the urge to smoke. Though such cravings may last for about 3-5 minutes, dealing with them requires a strong will. What do you do in such a scenario? Do you give in to the urge or combat it? And, if you choose to combat it, what’s the most effective approach to do so? In this blog, we’ll explain.

Types Of Cigarette Cravings

You could categorize cigarette cravings into two types:

  • Biological cravings: You would feel these as a tightness in the throat or belly. At the same time, you would experience anxiety or stress owing to the tussle.
  • Psychological cravings: These are triggered by usual occurrences that triggered your smoking in the past. For instance, during smoking cessation, after-meal times would trigger a craving, or work stress would kindle the need to smoke.

How To Overcome Cigarette Cravings

No matter the type of craving, we have listed for you 3 key ways to help you manage biological and psychological cravings and gain control over your resolution to quit smoking.

#1] Accept your cravings

This suggestion seems contradictory to what you would have heard from people or read on online forums, isn’t it? Well, we will explain. To address any challenge, you must first learn to accept it wholly. Draw your attention to your emotional distress.

After you learn to recognise and accept the emotion that led you to your craving, try to understand its cause in an open-ended and friendly manner. Only then, you can detach from the notion that smoking is not reflective of your whole being. This technique is known as R.A.I.N. With this approach, you will learn to break the habit loop and let go of your craving gradually.

So, the next time you get a cigarette craving, don’t push away the emotion. This action is counter-productive. Recognize it and accept it without judging yourself. Understand that smoking doesn’t reflect you as an individual. Instead, it is simply a habit; one among many that you have built throughout your life. And, like any habit, cigarette smoking too can be unlearnt.

#2] Be mindful of your smoking habit

Mindfulness is the ability to be aware and conscious of your actions. It is about being fully present at the moment; being aware of where you are and what you are doing; not being overwhelmed by what is going around you.

Before you smoke a cigarette, ask yourself what emotion is compelling you to smoke and how you feel before taking the cigarette. During smoking, use your senses completely to analyze the cigarette — Its taste, the smoke travelling down your throat and the smoke exiting your mouth. After smoking the cigarette, ask yourself how you feel. Has your mood really changed?

#3] Get Smotect Natural Tablets

Combat your biological craving with Smotect Natural Tablets. These tablets are patented, unique scientific formulations of 12 therapeutic herbs. They are formulated to:

  • Lower your dependence on nicotine
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What makes Smotect Natural Tablets unique?

  • 100% safe and natural
  • Nicotine-free
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How do Smotect Natural Tablets help?

  • Cessation of smoking
  • Improvement in lung function
  • Protection of lungs and respiratory system
  • Increase in immunity
  • Increase in energy and stamina to perform regular activities
  • Improved mental status
  • Better sleep quality and mental relaxation
  • Possibility of reduction of chances of cancer

To help you beat your psychological cravings, we offer unique guided sessions — A blend of tangible tools, techniques and breathing exercises based on the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) approach to help you quit smoking naturally. These interventions help strengthen your mental muscle and manage cravings and withdrawals.

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