Quitting Smoking Is Easier Than You Think: Here's Why

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Many former smokers admit that quitting smoking was harder than they thought. Again, this way of thinking depends on a person’s disposition. There have been stories of people who gave up smoking instantaneously, and there are those who took multiple attempts. Come what may, your decision to go smoke-free is worth it.

Results within your body are seen 20 minutes after you quit smoking. Your heart rate returns to normal after 20 minutes. Half a day later, carbon monoxide levels in the blood return to normal. Lung function improves within a fortnight.

To quit smoking, first, know what is it that drives you to smoke. Next, recognize these factors and follow our approach to kick this habit once and for all.

Why Do You Get Habituated To Smoking?

When you smoke, the cigarette rapidly delivers nicotine to your brain. Nicotine triggers the release of a chemical called dopamine that releases a sense of pleasure within you. This continual stimulation by nicotine makes your brain habituated to nicotine.

As time passes, nicotine alters brain function, growing your dependence on nicotine. This is why, as soon as you don’t find your cigarette, you end up being irritable, anxious or upset. Consequently, you develop strong urges and feel discomfort. This condition is known as withdrawal.

Reframe Your Negative Self-Talk

The habit loop of cigarette smoking makes you feel that you just can’t do without a cigarette. Learn to identify this faulty self-talk.

Type of self-talk

Example of thought

Think in extremes

If I don’t smoke, things will go bad.

Depend on cigarettes

I must smoke to concentrate better.

Magnify the satisfaction of cigarette smoking

When I smoke, I feel much better.

Label oneself

I have been smoking for 10 years. I’m a smoker and will die a smoker.


Transition your faulty self-talk by being aware of the thought patterns and accepting them. Investigate and replace them with healthy talk patterns.

Picture this negative self-talk:

You tell yourself that it is impossible to focus at work unless you smoke a cigarette. Firstly, make yourself aware of such a thought. Next, investigate this thought. For example, ask yourself if there was even a single moment that you worked well without smoking a cigarette. You would realize at least one such incidence. Make that memory stronger by visualizing it in detail. Encourage yourself to remember more such instances. The more you think of such memories, the more confident you will become in living life without cigarettes.

How To Counter your Cigarette Cravings

Your identity as a smoker is not from birth. It is self-created. You have the power to change it. We recommend the following two techniques.

A] Do Body Scan technique

It involves paying attention to your body and bodily sensations gradually from feet to head. It helps you to maintain a relaxed state when you are stressed. It helps to release the physical tension you might not even realize you're experiencing.

B] Apply the R.A.I.N. technique to face cravings

R.A.I.N. is a four-step mindfulness process that helps you redirect your negative thoughts. It will assist you in resisting cigarette cravings by drawing your attention to your emotional distress. The term stands for.

R — Recognize

A — Allow,

I — Investigate,

N — Non-Identification

The next time you experience a cigarette craving:

  • Recognize your emotion at the present moment
  • Allow yourself to process the emotion
  • Investigate the cause of the emotion in an open-ended and friendly manner
  • Begin to detach from the notion that smoking is reflective of your whole being

Once you recognize your cues for cigarette smoking and follow the above techniques, you will break the habit loop of cigarette smoking.

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To Sum Up

The next time you feel like smoking, learn to talk to yourself positively. Remember that positive self-talk doesn’t mean shunning your cues. On the contrary, accept your emotions and tell yourself that smoking is plainly a habit and not a necessity. Practice body scan technique and R.A.I.N. to smoke mindfully and get yourself Smotect Natural Tablets.

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