How to Successfully Quit Smoking while you Work from Home (WFH).

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If you want to know the best treatment for smoking addiction while working from home – the answer would be using the Smotect quit smoking tablets – Read to know more.

It is difficult to quit smoking because it creates nicotine dependency. Now for the last 2 years now, ‘Work From Home’ or popularly referred to as WFH has become the norm amongst a majority of working professionals. Amidst fluctuating risks from the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns, this profound shift in the working model was put into action but came with its own set of challenges for many, especially smokers. 

The WFH model came as an unexpected curveball for people who would smoke in office areas or while commuting. As opportunities to smoke in and around home drastically diminished under strict lockdown rules, unavailability of cigarettes in the market and lack of transparency with family about smoking habits, smokers experienced a period of forced quitting – some may also talk about the quit smoking side effects.

The lockdown eased and those who wanted to quit smoking are gaining the habit again. People were now able to venture out and purchase cigarettes. Many resumed smoking with a renewed enthusiasm. For many, the problem lingered as the family remained in the dark about their smoking tendencies. But let’s rethink the WFH model and how it could assist you to stop smoking, once and for all! 

As you stay at home, here are some pointers that could help ease your quitting journey (if you’re not already in a smoking cessation program while you stay at home:

➢ Adapt:

The first step of quitting smoke is always to fully embrace the situation. Even as the threat from the pandemic reduces, companies are looking at a hybrid model of working, and WFH is said to stay around as the new normal. Any such changes are usually mentally/physically demanding and contribute to added stress. Stress is a major reason behind urges to smoke and requires to be handled effectively. One needs to identify various ways to adjust to this new situation and cope with it stress-free – the best way is to try the natural drugs for smoking cessation.

➢ Develop a daily routine:

As Goldman, a psychologist explains: “If people don't have structure and are sitting around with less to focus on, then they also probably will find themselves thinking about the stressful situation more, which can also lead to additional stress and anxiety." Having a routine eliminates unpredictability, uncertainty, and stress to a great extent. Apart from taking the stop smoking tablets, implementing a fixed structure to your day can give you a sense of control. It can also improve your focus, organization and productivity. A good routine along with the best quit smoking natural tablets helps in fostering good habits. The time at home can be well utilized to stay away from smoke and develop new habits instead, which will prove beneficial in the long haul.

➢ Learn to kill the boredom:

Lack of stimulating activities can lead to boredom which is another potent cause to smoke. Many people smoke to drive away that bored and indolent feeling. Smoking cessation therapy will offer mindfulness exercises that will help you to find time for nurturing hobbies, taking time out for self-care daily will set the ball rolling for a smoke-free life.

➢ Meaningful interaction:

Many smokers often believe that their most meaningful relationship is one with cigarettes. They consider cigarettes to be their trusted buddies that have seen them through thick and thin in life – and that is why they start believing all those quit smoking side effects. Having meaningful relationships is a major gateway to happiness in life. A smoking cessation treatment will help you utilize this extra time at home now to forge a meaningful relationship with your loved ones. You could volunteer for charities or artwork. Such interactions will have you feeling one with the life force and provide a stable grounding for you. This will help you close any gaps and voids that smokers often cite as a major reason to reach out for cigarettes.

➢ Cultivating awareness:

Simply being aware of our inner and outer world can help us foster any of the above habits. We must learn to recognize that, “I am feeling bored at this moment and I’m only reaching out for a drag out of mere habit on autopilot”. This awareness will allow you to pick up other ways to kill boredom. Join the Smotect smoking cessation program as it will help you find the triggers while informing you about the benefits of quitting cigarettes. 

Our quit smoking tablets will put you in this auto-pilot mode and work to avoid those triggers and remain smoke-free. Mindful practices and principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy are useful tools in creating awareness. Use your time wisely to learn these methods and apply them in a tailor-made routine for you.

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