The Dire Consequences: How Smoking Cigarettes Causes Diabetes

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We know you want to quit cigarettes by using the best tablets to help quit smoking. But do you know that one of the primary benefits of stop smoking is a lower risk of Diabetes!

Want to know how? – Read this article.

Everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health in many ways – that is why the smart ones always look for the best tips to quit smoking. 

Whether you want to quit smoking or not, all of us have been made aware of this at many points in our lives. And for smokers, it’s regular news. But the detrimental effects of smoking go far beyond that. One such dire consequence is Diabetes.

So, before telling you about the benefits of quitting smoke, let’s get a wider understanding of how smoking can increase the severity of your diabetic condition – Don’t worry, we will tell you the natural remedy as well.

Diabetes and Smoking

If you are looking for solutions to quit smoking permanently, we want to applaud your decision for quitting. Because, Diabetes is essentially a chronic illness that affects insulin production in the body or how it’s absorbed. Insulin is an essential hormone that converts the glucose created by the body into energy stored and used by cells. This is an essential function that affects the overall working of the body. Smokers are 30 to 40 per cent more likely to develop diabetes than nonsmokers. 

Smoking can be a major contributing factor in the development of Diabetes and also hamper its control if you already have it – however, the situation can be reversed if you join a smoking cessation program and start taking the best quit smoking tablets in the market (Smotect natural tablets).

Some people even may tell you about the quit smoking side effects, but they are mere fantasies – it is their craving that is stoping them to give up smoking for good.

Can smoking cause further complications for the already Diabetic?

If you are diabetic, we are urging you to quit smoking today by taking anti smoking tablets, as nicotine may lead to the following issues (not restricted to) :

  1. The high levels of nicotine in cigarettes decrease the potency of insulin in the body, one becomes insulin resistant. This increases blood sugar levels which has a direct and debilitating effect on many vital organs such as the heart, kidneys, eyes and nerves. If you quit smoking, you will not find it difficult to maintain your blood sugar levels any longer.
  2. One major problem is the high risk of their large (macro) and small (micro) blood vessels getting affected. While macro-vascular conditions can lead to serious conditions like stroke, heart attack etc. microvascular complications will lead to chronic conditions like retinopathy (retina damage), nephropathy (kidney failure etc.) Studies have proven that the incidence of neuropathy (affecting the nerves) is 2.2 times higher in smokers versus nonsmokers. So, if you are looking for the best way to quit smoking, we would suggest you take the best anti smoking tablets after reading the reviews.
  3. The increased blood pressure and altered cholesterol, triglycerides etc in smokers with diabetes could encourage the development of the insulin resistance syndrome, setting patients up for bigger cardiovascular problems 
  4. Diabetes lowers immunity. Smoking lowers the already compromised immunity in diabetics and makes them more susceptible to common illnesses like infections and allergies – this is where the nicotine gum benefits come to our attention.
  5. Smoking directly affects the respiratory system with bronchitis, emphysema and increases the chances of lung infections such as pneumonia. The problem is worsened as having diabetes makes recovery more complicated – until you stop smoking, of course!
  6. Uncontrolled diabetics have higher glycosylated hemoglobin, commonly known as HbA1c. In smokers, this hemoglobin is additionally taken up by carbon monoxide i.e. carboxyl-hemoglobin. These changes bring about oxidative stress, which is a major contributing factor for causing multi-organ damage in Diabetics with a prolonged habit of smoking. 

What is the solution to the distress caused by Smoking and Diabetes?

✅ If you’re diabetes-free, the safest bet right now is to quit smoking and prevent the onset of the disease.

✅ For the already diabetic, quit smoking still to not only achieve diabetes control but also to prevent complications of diabetes. 

✅ Use comprehensive smoking cessation programs and opt for well researched natural remedies such as the Smotect Natural Tablets. 

Smotect Natural Tablets are a nicotine-free and highly effective remedy that helps to quit smoking and thus contribute massively to the management of Diabetes.

How do natural remedies such as Smotect Natural Tablets help in the recovery and management of Diabetes? 

✅ These tablets, made of a combination of highly beneficial herbs will lower your blood sugar levels.

Smotect quit smoking tablets with its unique formulation, not only helps in quitting smoking but also contributes to reducing the damage caused due to diabetes.

✅The antioxidant and immunity enhancing the potential of herbs like Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Haridra (Curcuma longa) in Smotect Natural Tablets help to recover from the organ damage caused by Diabetes.

✅Smotect quit smoking program improve immunity and over time build strength to fight against common infections and illnesses. This strengthened immunity proves to be essential to cope with the many complications of Diabetes. 

✅An important additional benefit of Smotect Natural Tablets is its stress-relieving effect under its Natural Ingredients like Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) and Kaucha (Mucuna Pruriens). So, your journey to recovery is stress-free. A happy mind is usually the route to a happy life!

✅ With such advanced tools available to quit smoking now, there is no more reason left to not give a healthier life an honest shot now.

With such advanced smoking cessation treatment available, there is no more reason left to not give a healthier life an honest shot now.




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