The Curious Case of Nicotine Craving

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To know how to quit smoking or what sort of drugs from smoking cessation works best, you need to know what nicotine craving is and where it is coming from.

It’s odd that curiosity has earned a bad rap, when in fact it can be the solution to one of the gravest problems faced while quitting cigarettes - CRAVINGS!

What is Craving?

Cravings are a strong wave of want and desire for nicotine by the body – and most people use nicotine gums or nicotine patches to try to end this desire which is temporary. They can be physical or mental cravings. Most smokers can vouch that cravings fully engulf your state of mind and create a single-minded focus on getting the next smoke – and that is where a quit smoking program can help. 

When one is curious about something, it trumps all other thoughts. We need to know the when, how, who etc. and we need to know it now. Curiosity and cravings are similar in this way, they create a tunnel vision and as you will start taking the quit smoking tablets, these cravings will begin to disappear.

When one craves a cigarette, they tend to get restless and reach out for a smoke to find some relief from this. This reinforces the behaviour of smoking and in time will make you crave again and give in to the behaviour. The trick to successfully staying above the cravings lies in your mind. So, the best way to quit smoking is to join a quit smoking program that is built on natural remedies, like our Smotect quit smoking tablets

A lot of our behaviour, as mentioned before, stems from a seed planted in our minds. The habit loops created, the behaviour reinforced or the association of daily activities or emotions created with smoking over time. So, before you think about the benefits of quitting smoke or buying the best anti smoking tablets, pinpoint your triggers. 

Smokers may experience cravings because even a simple act of sipping on coffee or having a beer with friends, overtime has been linked with lighting up a smoke. Or have experienced some temporary relief in stress or restlessness with smoking. When faced with a similar situation again the mind maps out the relief technique back to having a smoke – indirectly stopping you from quit smoking.

When facing restlessness due to cravings, direct the sheer force of it into curiosity. Use the momentum to feed the mind. Identify if the craving lies in an idea or a pattern that was planted in the mind. The Quit smoking program offered by Smotect help you to observe the onset of the cravings mindfully. It will help you to identify and acknowledge the presence of cravings instead of struggling with them. Curiosity can help you quit smoking instead of succumbing to cravings. This seems like a simple trick, but when done right, the tablets to help you quit smoking will free you from the bondage of cravings. 

How to channel curiosity the right way?

As mentioned above, you need to use techniques of Mindfulness and a guided quit smoking program such as Smotect to fuel your curiosity. The Curious Mindset exercise is taught in guided sessions by Smotect quit smoking program to equip you with the right tools and answers needed to quit smoking. This quit smoking program empowers you to free yourself from the clutches of cravings

The answer to cravings lies in your mind. It’s one time you can say for sure that Curiosity helped the cat!


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