Common Myth About Nicotine Addiction and How to cope

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There are tablets to help you quit smoking, but most people don’t go through that road fearing the quit smoking side effects.

Quit smoking is considered an uphill task by many and comes with its share of challenges. But common myths and misconceptions about smoking make it further complicated and a strenuous process for those who want to stop smoking permanently.

Does our brain get addicted to nicotine? Does our brain get wired to be addicted to nicotine?

Before even looking for the best drugs for smoking cessation, the common fear that tags along with these questions are that such addiction will make quitting extremely complicated.

Firstly, what is addiction and how do we form it?

Before you start taking quit smoking tablets, you should know that our body experiences many pleasure sensations and each such sensation arises as a designated neurotransmitter is released in the body. The food that we eat when we are hungry, satisfies the bodily hunger. Which results in dopamine release in the body and we immediately feel better. 

Similarly, as we complete small tasks or achievements, our body releases dopamine and we feel good – and that is exactly what will happen to you after quitting smoking using the best anti smoking tablets. Dopamine plays a pivotal role in our body’s perception of pleasure, overall mood, attention and more. It rewards us for beneficial behaviours and motivates us to repeat them.

Our efforts for any daily tasks help release acetylcholine, another neurotransmitter that activates the dopamine system as we come close to finishing off a task – like quit cigarettes. The nicotine present in cigarettes has a similar molecular structure and is a perfect jigsaw fit with the receptor sites of acetylcholine. 

As we smoke, the nicotine travels from the lungs to the bloodstream and reaches the brain, in all of 10 seconds. Here, it binds itself to the receptors of acetylcholine and activates the dopamine release resulting in feel-good sensations. 

Now you have got a concrete reason to seek the best smoking cessation treatment as this process takes place each time we smoke. With every repetition, the brain gets further used to these pleasure sensations produced by dopamine release. One could say, nicotine hijacks the dopamine pleasure system as it finds an easier and much quicker way to do so!  

Physical Addiction:

The above qualifies as a physical addiction to nicotine. Just as the brain gets habituated to this nicotine related dopamine release, it gets reversed too. If one stays nicotine-free using the best quit smoking tablets in India for five or more days, this physical dependence on nicotine gets reversed just as easily as it got learnt by the brain. Traces of nicotine are flushed out of the body by this time and the brain gets used to the unavailability of nicotine.

Mental Addiction:

The thoughts that accompany physical addiction often give rise to a mental addiction. The craving mind generates the “self-talk” which makes us reminisce the pleasure felt post smoking. Just as the body signals hunger, this self-talk generated by the brain reminds us of nicotine – and that is where the best tablets to quit smoking become a necessity. 

It often sounds like, “I am feeling low and just a drag will make me feel better” or “Wow! A cigarette would be fun right now.” These thoughts occur at breakneck speed and fuel our mental cravings. They can make one feel that they truly need a cigarette whereas, in reality, the body might not need the nicotine at all! This kind of self-talk proves to be self-destructive and one must correct the narrative in our head with Smotect quit smoking tablets – which is 100% natural.

Recognizing such self-talk and accepting that it creates a mental addiction will kickstart your journey towards a smoke-free life – and that is how we have planned our smoking cessation programs.

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