How To Recover from Nicotine Addiction?

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Humans are programmed to look for everything pleasant in life. It’s human instinct to stay within the comfort zone or avoid something undesirable or stay distracted. Whenever you sense discomfort, boredom, guilt, shame or vulnerability, it is a basic instinct to either absolve yourself from all blame or distract yourself. 

Smoking is one of the ways to numb emotions. Faster than anticipated, this indulgence turns into a pass time, later a ritual, then a necessity and eventually an addiction. This blog aims to help you release from the clutches of nicotine addiction. 

What Is Nicotine Addiction?

There are 2 attributes to the smoking habit — Nicotine craving and nicotine dependence.

A] Nicotine cravings

These can be categorized into 2 types:

  • Biological cravings
    • Tightness in the throat or belly
    • Anxiety, restlessness or stress
    • Headache
    • Insomnia
  • Psychological cravings: Everyday occurrences, such as after-meal, morning dump, work stress, conversations with friends, and so on.

B] Nicotine dependence

The brain is made up of nerve cells called neurons. These neurons communicate with each other through brain messengers called neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are received by receptor sites on the neurons.

A cigarette contains a powerful addictive chemical called nicotine. Nicotine hijacks the natural production of a neurotransmitter called dopamine by attaching itself to the receptors.

This results in a dopamine rush that makes you feel good. However, this dopamine rush is short-lived, making you want to smoke again and again. 

When we find ourselves in a routine situation or are under the duress of negative emotion, we build an association of that situation or emotion with smoking.

The next time you engage in any of these, they become a cue for you to crave a cigarette. This repetitive behaviour results in a habit, which develops into an addiction.

3 Ways To Recover From Nicotine Addiction

We present you with 3 approaches to beat this addiction for good and lead a healthy life. 

#1] Trick your brain with Smotect Natural Tablets

Smotect Natural Tablets are herbal anti-smoking tablets. Made of 12 herbs, they are uniquely formulated to lower your nicotine dependence. Additionally, they protect and restore the lungs, heart, brain and skin from the impact of prolonged smoking. They have a success rate of over 95%. 

Smotect Natural Tablets lead the body to produce its own dopamine to make up for the loss due to nicotine dependence. Consequently, nicotine dependence reduces. This naturally released dopamine also helps to sustain the elevated mood, increased energy levels and stamina.

These tablets help alleviate irritation and anxiety and help to calm your nerves. They help combat depression in smokers. They also help reduce smoking cravings.

Smotect Natural Tablets are 100% safe and natural, nicotine-free, clinically proven, for safety and efficacy, FDA-approved, GMP-certified and patented formulation. Moreover, they have zero side effects.

“Smotect Natural Tablets not only get rid of their smoke cravings and withdrawals but also benefits a smoker's body by detoxifying the ill effects of years of smoking. I do not think there is any better solution available than this for smokers.”
Dr. Anupam Mittal
MBBS, MS Surgeon

#2] Accept your cravings

To resolve nicotine addiction, you must learn to accept it and become aware of it wholly. Here’s how you do so:

  • Learn to recognize and accept the emotion that leads you to your craving.
  • Understand its cause in an open-ended and friendly manner.
  • If you feel like smoking, smoke mindfully. Mindful smoking means using your senses completely while smoking. Feel the cigarette. Experience its bitter taste. Know how the smoke feels inside your throat and mouth.

Once you recognize your cues for cigarette smoking and follow the above approach, it will become easier to break the habit loop of cigarette smoking. Our brains have the capacity to unlearn any habit loop.

#3] Enrol for Smotect Guided Sessions

Just as Smotect Natural Tablets are formulated to beat biological nicotine cravings, Smotect Guided sessions are designed to combat psychological nicotine cravings. These sessions comprise a step-by-step video series centering on the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) approach.

Mindfulness meditation enhances connectivity among the brain regions associated with self-control and may help smokers quit, even those with poor willpower. 

Benefits of Smotect Guided sessions:

  • Awareness of your psychological triggers and smoking patterns
  • Strengthening of your mental muscle 
  • Enhanced capacity to manage cravings and withdrawals 
  • Practice of tangible tools, techniques and breathing exercises, such as body scan technique and R.A.I.N. to overcome mental dependence on nicotine
  • Improved capacity to deal with slips and relapses

To Sum Up

Smotect offers a holistic solution that addresses the biological, psychological and social (BPS) aspects of cigarette smoking. Both Smotect Natural Tablets and Smotect Guided Sessions prepare your mind and body to kick the nicotine addiction for good.

The dual force increases your ability to quit smoking by 10X more than any other method. Say sayonara to nicotine addiction with Smotect today!

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