Filtered cigarettes: Are they really safe

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Many smokers mistakenly believe it is safer to smoke filtered cigarettes than smoking non-filtered cigarettes. However, the truth is that filtered cigarettes are no safer. Let’s understand how. 

Why Do Cigarettes Have Filters?

In the 1960s, the tobacco industry introduced cigarette filters to screen out tar and nicotine and thus make cigarettes safer. Here’s a brief explanation of how cigarette filters work.

how cigarettes work

How cigarettes work (Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center)

Sourced from The Atlantic

The cigarette filter has tiny, invisible perforations. When the smoker takes a puff, the sucking pulls air through the perforations in the filter. The air mixes with the cigarette smoke and dilutes it.

With each puff, the smoker receives more air and lesser smoke, and lesser tar and nicotine. The outcome is similar to diluting a bottle of liquor with water. 

Moreover, the filtered smoke feels milder on the throat. The smoker can take bigger and deeper puffs.

Why Don’t Cigarette Filters Work?

The thought of designing cigarette filters fails to consider the fact that smokers crave nicotine. They will smoke more cigarettes a day to experience a constant nicotine dose. 

Cigarette filters may decrease the inhalation of a few carcinogens but increase their exposure to the more harmful smoke components present in the vapour phase of the smoke. Cigarette filters don’t block all the toxins in smoke. They only block the largest tar particles. The lungs inhale the smaller bits of tar.

Cigarette Filters Don’t Make Smoking Safe. Quit Smoking.

The easiest and the only way to avoid these complications is to avoid smoking in the first place. Avoid getting addicted to nicotine. And, if you are already addicted then Smotect has a solution. 

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  • Protect the nerves from damage due to chemicals present in smoking tobacco. 

  • Improve concentration, information retention, and memory which diminishes owing to smoking

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  • Manage stress and withdrawals

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To Conclude

Though the intent behind designing cigarette filters is understood, the tobacco industry has clearly not helped reduce any incidence of health complications in smokers. In a way, it could be said that the cigarette filter is a hoax. Assuming that filtered cigarettes will lower the health consequences of smoking is a false belief.

The only way you can reduce health complications is by not smoking at all. And, Smotect is here to enable your transition and prep you for your anti-smoking journey. 

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