Does smoking put one at a higher risk of COVID-19?

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Smokers are more inclined towards the COVID-19 Virus. So, read here how to quit smoking by using Smotect cigarettes quitting tablets.

Most people are trying to stop smoking due to the rise of severity and mortality in COVID 19 cases that gave way to a sombre panic for everyone. 

There exists a widespread belief that the severity is higher for smokers – and they should know how to stop smoking naturally. 

But do these speculations hold any truth? - The answer is a resounding yes. And the simple reason behind it is that smoking adversely affects our immune system.

The spread of the pandemic put major limelight on the immune system and numerous ways of strengthening it. A strong immune system gives our bodies a fighting chance against this highly contagious disease. An immune system is our body’s natural defense system, an intricate, interlocking network of cells, tissues, and organs that defend our body against invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. 

If you don’t give up smoking using the best anti smoking tablets soon, it’ll contribute to the weakening of this crucial immune system that can be held reliable for contracting and spread of the disease. The tar and other toxins in smoke compromise our immune system, destroy antibodies, making your system less capable of fighting any infection and therefore resulting in slow recovery. 

Another reason to quit smoking ASAP is that it damages the lung tissues in a smoker’s body. Recent studies have concluded that the habit smoking is the root cause of frequent inflammation in the lungs. This dire impact on the lungs makes smokers more susceptible to COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses.   

An article by the Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Government of India underlines the following facts about smoking:

✅ Smokers are likely to be more vulnerable to COVID-19 as the act of smoking means that fingers (and possibly contaminated cigarettes) are in contact with lips, which increases the possibility of transmission of the virus from hand to mouth – this should be serious enough for you to quit smoking using the best anti smoking drugs.

✅ Smoking products such as water pipes or hookah often involve the sharing of mouthpieces and hoses, which could facilitate the transmission of COVID-19 in communal and social settings.

✅ Experts have confirmed that if you don’t seek treatment for smoking addiction, you’re more likely to develop severe symptoms or mortality from COVID-19, as it primarily attacks the lungs.

✅The use of tobacco is a risk factor for many respiratory infections and increases the severity of respiratory diseases. Tobacco smoke including second-hand smoke contains over 7000 chemicals out of which more than 69 are cancer-causing. The chemicals in tobacco smoke suppress the activity of different types of immune cells that are involved in general and targeted immune responses. If you don’t join a smoking cessation therapy soon, it’ll impair your lung functionality, thereby reducing the immunity and making it harder for the body to fight off various diseases.

✅ Evidence from countries reporting COVID-19 related fatalities has highlighted that people with pre-existing non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are more susceptible to becoming severely ill with COVID-19. Tobacco, being one of the causes behind these NCDs, indirectly puts the tobacco users or/and smokers at risk of being affected by COVID-19.

✅ Use the best quit smoking tablets in India as tobacco use poses a significant risk by accelerating the transmission of COVID-19 because the virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Chewing tobacco products (Khaini, Gutkha, Paan, Zarda) increases the urge to spit. Spitting in public places increases health risks especially those of spreading infectious and contagious diseases like COVID19, tuberculosis, swine flu, encephalitis, etc. 

The above findings further solidify the need to quit smoking, especially to win the war against corona virus.

Quitting smoking using the smoking patch or smoking cessation program are one the most significant steps to safeguard our immune system Our bodies are resilient and if one quits at the right time their immune system begins to recover in 15 days, perhaps even come close to a state of normalcy in 90 days. Good health will enable you to lead a happy life. 

Take the first step to quit smoking, contact a carefully curated medical program such as the Smotect quit smoking program, which provides the right information, support and essential tools to successfully quit cigarettes permanently. 

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