What is Smoker’s Flu : Is it Harmful Or Helpful?

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After setting up the quitting smoking timeline, some people get the flu-like symptoms – which are badly termed as the quit smoking side effects - but it’s not what you think.

It’s not an infectious, contagious illness or even a bad sign! 

On the contrary, congratulations are in order - your body is getting rid of the toxins and is on the road to recovery – and will soon experience the benefits of quitting smoke.

Shortly after quitting smoking, one may experience some symptoms that may mimic certain illnesses but are a sign of your body removing nicotine and other harmful toxins. 

These withdrawal symptoms (or stop smoking side effects) could be any of the following:

 A sore mouth, throat and coughing
➢ Headaches and heaviness 
 Irritability and brain fog 
 Tingling in hands and feet 
 Anxiety, depression 
 Tightness in chest 
 Constipation and gas

After taking drugs for smoking cessation, if you have experienced one or more of these then you’re not alone. Many people who quit smoking experience this as a major withdrawal symptom. It is a sign that your body is getting rid of all the nicotine. When you give up smoking, you initiate the change by deciding and remaining smoke-free. Now your body is responding by eliminating any remnants of nicotine and other toxins that may have accumulated over a while.

As nicotine levels drop, a smoker’s mind and body could be clouded with a ‘sense of something is not with me.

It’s a telltale sign that mind and body are adjusting to the dwindling levels of nicotine. A lot of things start changing in your body as you quit cigarettes. Your blood pressure lowers, carbon monoxide levels come back to normal, wheezing is reduced in a couple of weeks. Some smoking cessation programs may feel more unpleasant but aren’t necessarily bad. Your lungs start expelling mucous more vigorously, which is why you tend to feel chest tightness. A certain kind of soreness is felt like the taste buds present in the mouth and tongues revive. Overall, fresh nerves start developing in one’s throat and chest which may lead to symptoms that emulate cold. 

When going through the treatment for smoking addiction, the discomfort felt could disrupt the quality and hours of sleep. This may amplify affective symptoms like anxiety, depression and irritability or cognitive symptoms like confused mind popularly known as brain fog.

The brain starts eliminating nicotine dependency for releasing dopamine (the feel-good chemical) and learns to regulate dopamine secretion by itself. One may experience mood swings or a generally low mood, but this happens as the brain relearns to naturally secrete dopamine and feelings of reward will be felt independent of nicotine soon!

The good news is that smoker’s flu is not just a sign of healing and recovery but also lasts for just a few days or weeks.

At first, the quit smoking effects might overwhelm and make one anxious. But with each passing day, the body starts healing from the negative impact caused by a long period of smoking.

Therefore, the smoker’s flu is a strong indication that your body is detoxifying and one must have a welcoming attitude towards it. Do not let it bog you down to your quit smoking journey, it’s only a matter of a few days.

Along with the best quit smoking tablets, eating nutritious food, light exercise, talking to someone could benefit. Most importantly, having some proven medicinal supplement to aid the process of detoxification will ease the process considerably. When you face the smoker’s flu with a positive mindset, your confidence and resolve to stay smoke-free is strengthened. 

So, join a smoking cessation program (like our Smotect quit smoking program), eat good food, drink plenty of fluids, take detoxing and tissue building supplements, have counselling support and a smoke buddy. Take good care of yourself and you will soon be looking back at smoker’s flu as a minor speed bump on the road to ultimate recovery and radiant health.

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