Instilling Awareness Your First Step to Towards Strong Smoking Habit

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Most people cannot quit cigarettes as they don’t acknowledge that they are getting addicted and need the best tablets for quitting smoking– and we have a way out.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

In our quest how to quit smoking, we find ourselves to be doing plenty of the same things, over and over again, day after day, on autopilot. From the moment we wake up, we tackle numerous menial daily tasks, sometimes all at the same time. Like eating on the go while catching up with emails, cooking while on a call, listening to podcasts while getting ready for the day. All these things demand our attention, but we fail to give all of it to just a singular task on hand. We fail to truly be present and relish the moment instead of subconsciously lining up a task list. We stop living our lives with consciousness.

Before we tell you how to stop smoking, you must know that this pattern is also found in smoking. The smoking behaviour stems out of a very strong habit loop. A smoker takes countless puffs every day spanning months or years. People, who quit smoking, experience a strange sensation of emptiness in their hands or mouth – some term them as the quit smoking side effects. This usually means that they have developed an auto-pilot habit. Even when the body is not strongly craving the nicotine, the hands require holding a cigarette out of mere habit!

Here are some signs you could be reaching out for your cigarette out of a strong habit (and seek drugs for smoking cessation):

✅ You cannot wait to smoke as soon as you wake up in the morning.
✅ You smoke without thinking or realizing that you are smoking.
✅ You find yourself with a cigarette in your mouth without recollection of when you put it there.
✅ You light a cigarette, not aware that the first one is still burning in the ashtray.
✅ You enjoy the feeling of holding a cigarette in your hands. The process of lighting it with your lighter, watching the smoke as you exhale forms a part of the fun of smoking a cigarette
✅ You pair smoking with other daily activities such as having coffee, drinking alcohol or even talking on the phone.

If you feel you have a strong habit of smoking, fret not.

Smoking like most habits has triggers and consequences. This habit is learned over a while. And similarly, can be unlearned by using quit smoking tablets rather than widely used smoking patches by smokers. This process of unlearning and learning new behaviors is delicate and requires a skilled approach. 

Our Smotect quit smoking program is backed by extensive research and has a holistic approach to dealing with any stress and emotions in the journey to become smoke-free. Our counsellors guide you at every step and equip you with powerful tools that help you deal with any issues along the way – and eventually, you will stop smoking permanently.

Mindfulness is one such useful tool. It helps in managing your nicotine cravings or feelings of withdrawal as you quit cigarettes. It allows a person to become more actively aware of their behaviors, emotions and thoughts due to smoking. Our anti smoking tablets further helps to develop insight and alter the neural pathway by facilitating neuroplasticity.

Mindfulness has been scientifically studied over years and helps not only in the process to quit smoking but other aspects of your life too. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression which happen to be the foremost emotion triggers that are wrongfully termed as the quit smoking side effects.

Here is a quick four step guide, popularly known as RAIN, that can help you deal with any challenging emotions:

This is a part of our smoking cessation program, which is a step by step practice of mindful awareness and urges you to look at emotions and thought processes from a place of absolute non-judgment and curiosity.

 R - recognition:
Recognize the experiences.

 A - acceptance:
Build the attitude of acceptance towards your experiences.

 I - investigation:
Investigate your experience on a deeper level

 N on-Identification:
Let it go and not form a part of your current identity.

Simply be in a state of awareness of all your feelings, bodily sensations and emotions of the current experience.

Join the Smotect quit smoking program and practice the R-A-I-N technique to get you through a tough time. While your circumstance may remain unchanged, this can help you in altering your attitude towards it.

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