Common Myths About Smoking: Volume 2

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In the first volume of common myths about smoking, we delved into topics, such as smoking being perceived as a choice rather than an addiction, passive smoking is harmless and occasional smoking is better than regular smoking.

In this blog, we proceed to the second instalment. Presenting: Common Myths About Smoking: Volume 2

Myth #4: Smoking Only Affects The Lungs

Fact: Smoking could lead to at least 17 types of cancer, including bladder cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. Cigarette smoking also damages blood vessels, leading to a heart attack or stroke. Smoking promotes tooth decay. It has a high chance of causing gastroesophageal reflux disease. The toxins present in the smoke when present in the bloodstream could create a host of health problems. Studies have pointed out that even organs with no direct exposure to tobacco smoke could be affected.

Myth #5: Smoking Helps To Relieve Stress

Fact: Research has shown that smoking increases stress on the contrary. Smokers argue that nicotine serves as a mood boost thus helping to relieve symptoms of depression. On the contrary, smoking is reported to worsen depression.

Owing to prolonged smoking, the natural dopamine secretion in the brain decreases, which in turn makes you feel morose or negative. This cycle leads you to nicotine addiction, as it encourages you to smoke more to restore the levels of dopamine to feel better again. It is a given that if you are depressed then your natural levels of dopamine in the body will be lower compared to that in non-depressed individuals. When you smoke regularly, you encourage your brain to switch off its mechanism for making dopamine, as the nicotine present in cigarette smoke is already triggering the secretion.

Myth #6: It Is Less Risky To Smoke Light Cigarettes

Fact: Light cigarettes are marketed as those having different tobacco blends or those having less tar, thus reducing the health risks in the long run. The truth is that they are in no way safer than regular cigarettes. They are still directly linked to causing cancer. Changing to milder cigarettes neither improves your health nor does it significantly reduce the chances of premature death. The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) also states that no cigarette is safe. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, of which at least 250 are toxic.

Many clinicians state that when you smoke weaker cigarettes, you smoke each cigarette more intensely to extract more nicotine and keep your nicotine level in your comfort zone. You take more puffs and deeper puffs from each cigarette to compensate for the reduced number of weaker cigarettes.

Myth #7: Cigars Aren’t Bad. It’s Alright To Smoke Them.

Cigar smoke contains many of the same cancer-causing chemicals as cigarette smoke. Usually, these chemicals are found in higher concentrations. One more piece of information to note is that large cigars can take a longer time to smoke, resulting in increased exposure to toxins.

Another point that the smokers argue is that when smoking cigars, you don’t inhale the smoke. The fact is that even if you don’t inhale while smoking a cigar, your mouth, throat and lips are exposed to cancer-causing chemicals, and so are your vital organs. So, in a way, cigar smokers have worse health implications compared to a non-smoker.

To Sum Up

Smoking starts with your will but soon graduates to become your addiction. Passive smoking is hazardous for your loved ones. Occasional smoking is only delaying your death not pushing it.

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The myths on smoking don’t end here. Visit our second blog in the series to discover some more.

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