Common Myths About Smoking: Volume 1

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The so-called ‘Illuminati of Smokers’, regardless of whether they want to quit smoking or not, has come up with myths concerning smoking. These stories are so believable that they can be easily lapped up as facts.

Here’s what we did. We ran an informal survey among smokers to collate myths related to smoking. Our reaction: Firstly, the number of these myths is way more than we imagined. Next, some of these myths are utterly ridiculous, making us think how someone with a sound mind could have even believed them.

We are presenting these myths (via 3 blogs) along with the corresponding facts. We hope this information will remove the blind spots and encourage you to quit smoking. Presenting: Common Myths About Smoking: Volume 1

Myth #1: Smoking Is My Choice, Not A Compulsion

Fact: Smoking is indeed a choice the first time. It always starts with an occasional puff or a couple of cigarettes every day. But the nicotine buzz kicks in shortly, slowly turning your choice into an addiction.

After cigarette smoke enters the lungs, nicotine is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream and stimulates the release of the pleasure chemical ‘dopamine’ in the brain. The brain experiences a change in mood. With time, the brain starts craving this feel-good hormone, which reinforces you to smoke. The body’s adaption to nicotine encourages the smoker to smoke more. Eventually, you will end up smoking more cigarettes to derive the same effect attained previously with fewer cigarettes.

Repeated nicotine exposure alters the brain’s sensitivity to dopamine, thus leading to changes in other parts of the brain corresponding to learning, stress, and self-control. It is these long-term changes that trigger withdrawal symptoms and weaken your will to quit smoking.

Myth #2: Passive Smoking Isn’t Harmful

Fact: Second-hand smoking (also called passive smoking) poses health risks just like active smoking.

In passive smoking, people around you exhale your smoke as well as the smoke coming from the end of a burning cigarette, making it as grave as active smoking. Second-hand smoke contains 7,000+ chemicals, of which hundreds are toxic. Nearly 70 of them are carcinogenic.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), passive smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and heart problems in children.

Myth #3: It Is Alright To Smoke Just A Few Cigarettes A Day

Fact: It is true that if you smoke a few cigarettes every day, you are pushing your risk of premature death. But this trick or self-coaxing of light smoking still presents a substantial risk. The true goal must be to quit cigarettes.

Clinicians and scientists assert that the more you smoke, the greater the risk to your health. So, considering this fact, even a few cigarettes may be harmful.

We have a scientific study to quote herein to assert this fact. Accordingly, smoking 6-10 cigarettes a month (i.e. fewer than 1 day) increases the susceptibility to cancer. Occasional smokers have nearly 4X times more chance of dying from cancer due to smoking compared to non-smokers.

To Sum Up

Smoking starts with your will but soon graduates to become your addiction. Passive smoking is hazardous for your loved ones. Occasional smoking is only delaying your death not pushing it.

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The myths on smoking don’t end here. Visit our second blog in the series to discover some more.

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