Common Myths About Smoking: Volume 3

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This is the third and the last volume of common myths about smoking.

In the first volume, we delved into topics, such as smoking being perceived as a choice rather than an addiction, passive smoking being harmless and occasional smoking being better than regular smoking. In the second volume, we touch based on myths, such as smoking only affects the lungs, smoking helps to relieve stress, and it's alright to smoke light cigarettes and cigars.

If you have arrived at this blog without reading the others in this series, we strongly recommend reading the entire series.

Myth #8: Filters On Cigarettes Remove The Nasty Stuff From Cigarettes


Let us remind you of the brown stain on a discarded cigarette butt. Physicians state that much of that same muck enters the lungs and resides in the lungs. Check out this video to understand how ineffective filters are in removing this deadly sludge.

Myth #9: Many Smokers Live Into Very Old Age. So, Why The Fuss?


This is the most baseless myth we encountered. People who live by this myth are simply saying that life to them is nothing but a game of gambling. Of course, everyone is bound to die one day. It is also true that some people live for a long time despite prolonged smoking. However, what these individuals fail to understand is that smoking presents huge detrimental consequences on health, thus tremendously impairing the quality of life.

Another fact worth knowing is that different individuals have different response levels to nicotine addiction. Here’s a brief explanation — When nicotine is released into the bloodstream, it activates some structures within the brain called receptors. Consequently, receptors release a brain chemical called dopamine. It is a pleasure-inducing chemical.

The more the blood receives nicotine through smoking, the more the secretion of dopamine and the greater the number of nicotine receptors in the brain. However, research studies affirm that not all smokers have a high level of receptors. Scientists opine that inherited variations in one of many dopamine receptors, encoded by a gene could be the reason why there is a difference in response to nicotine addiction among people.

Myth #10: E-Cigarettes Are A Healthy Choice


Vaping is inhaling of a vapour created by an electronic cigarette or any vaping device. Electronic cigarettes heat a liquid (known as vape juice) until it turns into a vapour. People inhale this smoke. The vape juice could contain nicotine or marijuana distillate or oil. One could either refill electronic cigarettes or use one-time pre-filled cartridges containing the vaping liquid.

The aerosol that people inhale is a result of heating nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavourings and other chemicals. Though the extent of toxicity is lesser in comparison to traditional smoking, vaping is not safe. Additionally, electronic cigarettes allow smokers to regulate the strength of chemical concentrations within water vapour through settings on the device. Also, vaping devices allow smokers to increase the devices’ voltage to get a greater hit of the substance. The bottom line: They are harmful.

Myth #11: It Is Too Late To Quit.


Never. You can quit smoking at any age. Most health effects of smoking reverse regardless of the age at which you quit. Dropping of nicotine level in the blood to zero within 24 hours of quitting smoking. And, the risk of a heart attack drops considerably within 2 years of quitting smoking. So, whether you are 16 or 60, quitting smoking is one of the best life decisions you can take.

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To Sum Up

Our word of advice. Don’t fall prey to these myths on smoking. There is no alternative to not smoking. However, pleasurable smoking may seem to you, it is slowly leading you to a life of ill-health. Quit smoking today. Sign up for Smotect Quit Smoking Program.

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