How Passive Smoking is Just as Dangerous as Active Smoking

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If your loved one doesn’t want to quit smoking, you need to help them join a smoking cessation program as passive smoking can do as much damage as active smoking.

What is Secondhand Smoking / Passive Smoking?

We all know the ill effects of smoking, but can we imagine the bad effects of those exposed to this active smoking living together in the same environment. That is why, for the sake of your loved ones, you need to give up smoking by taking drugs for smoking cessation.

As a matter of fact, this type of smoking is considered to be equally harmful as active smoking if not more. Passive smoking also called secondhand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke is the inhalation of tobacco smoke, by persons other than the intended active smoker. If you are willing to give up smoking, there are several ways to do that. Some people use a smoking patch, but they are not as effective as cigarette quitting tablets. 

Exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke not only causes various diseases but also disability and death. The scientific world has shown a lot of concern toward secondhand smoking. Evidence has shown that inhaled secondhand smoke, is about four times more toxic than mainstream smoke. It is for this very reason that we find smoke-free zones at various workplaces and indoor public places like restaurants and bars and even in open public spaces. It is difficult to give up smoking because it creates a psychological dependency – and that is why after quitting smoking, the person may encounter some quit smoking side effects, like headache or difficulty in concentration, which will not stay more than 1-2 days.

Effects of Secondhand smoking

Passive smoking or Second-hand smoke causes many of the same diseases as active or direct smoking which include cardiovascular diseases, lung cancers, and other respiratory problems. So, if you have chosen the smoking patch to be your way out, you need to consider the side effects for nicotine patch as well. As there are natural drugs for smoking cessation available, you don’t have to go through such issues. 

Studies have found that passive smoking is strongly associated with an increased risk of stroke, and this increased risk is disproportionately high at low levels of exposure. 

Passive smoking increases the risk of asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Passive smoking may also increase the risk of tuberculosis infection and accelerate the progression of the disease.

So, no matter if you are a smoker or one of your family members is an active smoker, ask them to join a smoking cessation program and then start taking the quitting smoking tablets with zero side effects.

Another reason for you to join a smoking cessation program is that Passive smoking not only affects the body parts and systems but also has an impact on mental health and well-being. Regular and long-term exposure to secondhand smoke may increase the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia in adults. 

Children staying along with active smokers have been shown to have reduced vocabulary and reasoning skills as well as more general cognitive and intellectual deficits. Again, for the sake of your children, give up smoking today by taking cigarette quitting tablets.

How To Stop Passive Smoking?

You know that you don't have to smoke yourself to encounter the negative health benefits of smoking. Given the many health effects of indirect smoking, avoidance is increasingly recognized as a human right. For this reason, many states have passed laws prohibiting smoking in public areas such as restaurants, outside schools and hospitals, and in playgrounds.  

 Despite the enactment of smoking cessation legislation, the only way to completely protect nonsmokers from exposure to indirect smoking is to quit smoking. 

 If you live in an apartment building, cigarette smoke can move between the room and the apartment. Being outside and opening windows around smokers rarely stop the effects of indirect smoking. If you are around cigarette smoke, the only way to completely eliminate exposure is to leave the affected area completely.

Introducing a natural remedy to quit smoking

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