Can You Smoke Cigarettes Without Becoming Addicted?

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No! You will become addicted. Even if you are a light smoker! (Myth busted right away.). 

What Makes You Addicted To Nicotine?

To understand the nature of nicotine addiction, it is important to understand how nerve cells in the brain communicate with each another. Nicotine acts by altering this process. 

The nerve cells are separated from one another by tiny gaps. For any message to pass from one nerve cell to another, it must cross the space that separates the two cells. This happens by shooting chemicals called neurotransmitters to receptors present in the receiving nerve cell. Special sets of neurotransmitters are used to convey messages, such as pleasure, sadness, and so on. 

Nicotine affects the nerve cells of the brain’s pleasure pathways. These cells transmit messages of ‘pleasure’ using the neurotransmitter dopamine. 

The more the blood receives nicotine through smoking, the more the secretion of dopamine and the greater the number of nicotine receptors in the brain. In contrast, non-smokers have fewer nicotine receptors. Chronic exposure to nicotine induces the nervous system to adapt physiologically, resulting in addiction.

What Happens If You Stop Smoking Suddenly?

The brain goes out of order. The system requires nicotine to achieve an appropriate balance of nerve pathway activities. The body is unable to accept the new regime. This is why you start experiencing withdrawals and cravings.

Types of Cigarette Cravings
Biological cravings
Psychological cravings
  • • Tightness in the throat or belly
  • • Anxiety
  • • Stress
  • Patterns, such as:
  • • After-meal
  • • Morning dump
  • • Conversations with friends

  • This is precisely the reason why willpower has no play in quitting smoking, and whether you are a light smoker or heavy smoker, sooner or later, you will get addicted to smoking. 

    How To Quit Smoking?

    So, what do you do if you want to stop smoking cigarettes? Many people try using nicotine patches. The rationale behind opting for these are that the brain will continue receiving nicotine (although without the toxins present in cigarettes) and avoid experiencing withdrawals and cravings.

    There are 2 shortcomings to using nicotine patches or any other form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. 

    • The benefits of patches work as long as you keep using them.
    • These patches present a number of side effects, which in the long run damage the body.

    Quit Smoking With Smotect Natural Tablets

    Smotect Natural Tablets are herbal anti-smoking tablets. Made of 12 therapeutic herbs, they are uniquely formulated to lower your nicotine dependence and reduce your smoking cravings. They have a success rate of over 95%. 

    They lead the body to produce its own dopamine naturally to make up for the loss due to nicotine dependence. Consequently, nicotine dependence reduces. This naturally released dopamine also helps to sustain the elevated mood, increased energy levels and stamina.

    Smotect Natural Tablets are 100% safe and natural, nicotine-free, clinically proven, for safety and efficacy, FDA-approved, GMP-certified and patented formulation. Moreover, they have zero side effects. They are excellent to beat biological cravings.

    Benefits of Smotect Natural Tablets

    • Improve energy and stamina to perform regular activities
    • Enhance mood and freshness
    • Manage stress and withdrawals
    • Improve breathing quality
    • Protect lungs and respiratory system
    • Restore lung function
    • Relieve smokers' cough
    • Improve digestion and immunity
    • Improve sleep, relax the mind and help the skin stay healthy
    • Lower your dependence on nicotine
    • Reduce CO/COHb levels
    • Clear nicotine and other toxins
    • Revive vital organs
    • Reduce smoking significantly/quit smoking

    Combat Psychological Cravings With Smotect Guided Sessions

    Smotect Guided Sessions comprise a step-by-step video series based on the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) approach. Mindfulness meditation enhances connectivity among the brain regions associated with self-control and helps smokers quit, even those with poor willpower. 

    Benefits of Smotect Guided Sessions:

    • Awareness of your psychological triggers and smoking patterns
    • Strengthening of your mental muscle 
    • Enhanced capacity to manage cravings and withdrawals 
    • Practice of tangible tools, techniques and breathing exercises, such as body scan technique and R.A.I.N. to overcome mental dependence on nicotine
    • Improved capacity to deal with slips and relapses

    To Conclude

    Cigarette smoking and nicotine addiction go hand in hand. So, do away with any thoughts or opinions that affirm that you can smoke cigarettes without becoming addicted. 

    Quit smoking with Smotect. It offers a holistic solution that addresses the biological and psychological aspects of cigarette smoking. Both Smotect Natural Tablets and Smotect Guided Sessions prepare your mind and body to quit smoking for life by 10X more than any other method.

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