Myth Busted: Does Smoking Actually Help with Depression?

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Depression and stop smoking side effects are interconnected. But, what truly happens after quitting smoke!

For most people out there, it is difficult to give up smoking because it creates a mental dependency, making smokers believe that life will be harder if they quit cigarettes.

So, to give up smoking permanently, you need to know how smoking is associated with depression and anxiety.

Once you know the science, we are here with the best quit smoking tablets – so relax.

Why do we smoke when depressed?

Most people who smoke due to depression or anxiety and want to know how to quit smoking naturally must know what depression is.

Depression is common and works as a primary obstacle in your quit smoking journey. Depression, at times, can become a serious medical illness that negatively affects how one feels, the way one thinks and how one acts. Depression causes sadness and loss of interest in activity. It causes a variety of emotional and physical problems and can affect your ability to function at work or at home. It can also lead to symptoms of trouble in getting sleep or sleeping too much, loss of energy or increased fatigue, difficulty in thinking, concentrating and making decisions. And due to all these, people always look to smoke away all their worries with a cigarette. 

Here is the Smotect smoking cessation program, we believe that if people can reduce this dependency using the best quit smoking tablets, they can lead a nicotine-free life. And that is why we have manufactured Smotect quit smoking natural tablets using 12 therapeutic herbs that have a 95% success rate – and no quit smoking side effects.

Today, everyone knows that smoking can have a significant negative impact on physical and mental health in general. Smoking and depression are well linked to each other, so you will require the drugs for smoking cessation to stop smoking permanently. Nicotine having its impact on the neural mechanisms works to deliver a “mood boost.” As a result, many smokers believe that nicotine may be a solution to alleviate the symptoms of depression because it affects the hedonic centres of the brain, but unfortunately, that is not true. 

In addition to being highly addictive, habit smoking can actually exacerbate depression for a variety of reasons.. Though nicotine may help feel better at the moment, it does not help with relieving depression overall. In fact, smoking makes depression worse. Smoking might actually be making your depression worse  -so you may have got one more reason to give up smoking today. According to existing studies, smokers can suffer twice as much depression as non-smokers.

Before we tell you how a nicotine patch works, you should know that nicotine binds to receptors in the brain and various parts of the body. Nicotine increases the release of dopamine, a chemical associated with the hedonic experience, in these parts of the brain by acting on these specific receptors in the brain. 

However, it also has a strengthening effect that leads to nicotine addiction. This is the reason a smoker administers nicotine via smoking in order to feel better and the vicious cycle continuous.  

Quitting smoking helps in managing depression

Withdrawing nicotine is the primary reason for the temporary depression after quitting smoking. Nicotine use on a regular basis makes the body and brain dependent on it as it binds to the brain receptors to trigger release of dopamine, the "feel-good" neurotransmitter. If you quit smoking, less dopamine is produced than the body and mind have become accustomed to. This in turn causes low moods and depressed feelings.

Quitting smoking has major beneficial effects in combating depression though the process may not be easy. The withdrawal or smoking cessation effects are temporary and do not last long. It is therefore beneficial to adapt methods that can help to overcome these symptoms for quitting smoking in a natural and healthy way.

Cure Your Depression Permanently With Smotect Natural Tablets

Suddenly quitting smoking with willpower alone is not the most effective way to quit smoking. Planning ahead, getting support from the best smoking cessation therapy, and taking the time to try it out will increase your chances of success. If you feel unstable, experience quit smoking effects, or make a big difference in your life, you are less likely to quit.

Smotect quit smoking tablets with its all-natural ingredients helps to alleviate mood through its active ingredients like Mucuna pruriens, Withania somnifera, Bacopa monnieri are proven adaptogens (stress relievers) and mood enhancers. The dopaminergic action of specially Mucuna pruriens present in the Smotect anti smoking tablets help in naturally enhancing the dopamine levels in the brain and helps to fight against the symptoms of depression. 

The best part is that we will never ask you to stop smoking and our quit smoking tablets does not cause any dependency on the active ingredients of Smotect and are completely safe.

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