Is Thirdhand Smoke Less Dangerous? Experts Weigh In

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Third hand smoking is equally dangerous as firsthand or second smoking, so give up smoking today with the best smoking cessation program.

Some of us want to quit smoking using the best treatment for smoking addiction as you know the negative effects of direct smoking (active smoking) and second-hand smoke (passive smoking), but ignore the importance of third-hand smoke (THS). 

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What is Third Hand Smoking (THS)?

Before we tell you about the best smoking cessation program, you need to know that third-hand smoke is residual contamination of the surface or room with nicotine and other chemicals from smokers that others inhale through dust and gas. The adverse health effects of active and second-hand smoke have been analyzed in scientific studies of animal and human subjects and populations. 

Although active and second-hand smoke affects the health of all age groups, little is known about the extent of human exposure to THS and the consequent health effects.

Third-party smoke is generated when particles from tobacco or other tobacco-burning devices penetrate and are absorbed by materials such as hair, clothing, furniture, carpets, and walls. Thereafter, we will experience an aging process that changes the chemical substance structure.

So, use the best treatment for smoking addiction that offers natural remedies with Zero side effects. However, while going through a smoking cessation program, you might encounter smoking cravings for the first few days, which is also known as the quit smoking side effects. But, as you continue to take the stop smoking tablets as prescribed, such effects will stop bothering you.

Efforts to disperse smoke, such as opening windows and using fans, do not affect the formation of smoke or the inhalation of smoke by third parties, and the residue remains for years or even decades. It is a harmful chemical substance.

Third-hand smoke is not a one-time event. This is actually a phenomenon that accumulates over time as exposure increases. Even the usual cleaning methods are not effective against pollutants. In most cases, replacing the carpet or repainting the walls is the only option.

Health Issues caused by third-hand Smoking

The problem with THS is that it is usually overlooked. THS increases the concentration of nicotine and other smoke components in the indoor space where smokers live. Some of these chemicals released from smoking adhere to the surface, while others can adhere to dust particles. Some of them penetrate deeply and can stay long enough to do damage over a period of time. 

Give up smoking today by joining the getting the best treatment for smoking addiction as Residual compounds can react with oxidants and other particles in the environment to trigger chemical reactions that can produce potentially harmful by-products. THS is a public health issue because exposure affects unknown or unwanted individuals. At this time, little is known about exposure levels and possible corrective actions to reduce potential exposure in contaminated areas.

THS exposure is caused by skin, ingestion (mouth), and inhalation (breathing). Infants may be at higher risk than adults because they have thin skin, a high surface-area-to-volume ratio, and spend more time on THS-contaminated surfaces and where they put THS-contaminated objects in their mouths. 

Some THS that dissolve in saliva and digestive juices is absorbed by the body. The concentration of THS chemicals depends on the number of cigarettes smoked indoors, the air exchange rate, and the time elapsed since smoking.

Moreover, if you have children, quit smoking ASAP, as adults are not as vulnerable as babies and growing children, but they are also unaffected by third-hand smoke. Repeated exposure to tobacco toxins can increase the risk of cancer in later years. Find the best smoking cessation program and learn how to stop smoking naturally.

During pregnancy, exposure to third-hand smoke can also affect the fetus. Even if you inhale or touch the surface of chemical residues, there is a risk of absorbing toxins from the smoke into the bloodstream. 

 A small study investigated the effects of third-hand smoke on the lung tissue of fetal rats. Certain toxins in cigarette smoke have been found to adversely affect lung development. Exposure of babies to third-hand smoke can also cause postnatal respiratory problems.

How to stop third hand smoking

3rd hand smoke is relatively new in the world of cigarette smokers, but the phenomenon itself is nothing. It is also important to note that the smoke of the through-smoking is time and accumulation. 

THS chemicals do not disappear spontaneously from indoor surfaces, so it may be important to actively remove them to reduce the risk of THS exposure. Studies have shown that nicotine, nicotine-related alkaloids, and TSNA can be easily removed from cotton cloth by washing, which can be a simple procedure.

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