Smoking and Memory Loss: What the Research Says

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No matter if you are an active or passive smoker, you need to quit cigarettes immediately using the smoke free tablets, as it can lead to severe memory loss.

Although it is well known that smoking is harmful to the body, the effects of long-term smoking on other areas such as learning and memory are not well understood. So, we urge you to find the best quit smoking products that are made with natural solutions. Some prefer smoke free gums, but they are completely unaware of the nicotine chewing gum side effects. That is why we are advising you to find the best tablets for quitting smoking that is 100% natural.

Most cannot give up smoking as they believe that the nicotine in cigarettes can improve concentration and attention, making smokers feel more alert, but this is only one side of it as there are many other harmful chemicals apart from nicotine. Over 7000 chemicals constitute cigarette smoke of which about 100 off are known to be toxic.

If you don’t stop smoking using the best smoke free tablets, long-term accumulation of these toxic chemicals can damage the brain and cause learning and memory problems. 

Smoking leads to memory loss: What is the scientific point of view?

You need to find the best way to quit smoking as the scientific evidence proves that long-term smoking has been linked with reductions in working memory, and prospective memory. 

Smoking in midlife results in poor memory and makes it harder to think and learn, according to research published in the journal-Archives of Internal Medicine. 

Another reason to start using the best tablets for quitting smoking as smoking may speed the onset of dementia due to long-term damage to blood vessels of the brain.

Various scientific explanations have been provided for the reasons that smoking causes dementia or poor memory. So, if you are still thinking about smoking gums, we would ask you to consider the nicotine gum benefits and the nicotine gum side effects before using them. However, smoking patches and nicotine gums are not as effective as they say, plus they pose several after quit smoking effects. Again, that is the reason, you need to find tablets to help you stop smoking naturally.

Both active and passive smoking brings about the blood vessels by making them narrow leading to poor blood supply to the brain and heart (atherosclerosis) which in turn leads to a poor oxygen supply, and nutrient and waste exchange. 

If you don’t give up smoking and start using the smoke free tablets ASAP, it will increase the oxidative stress along with the inflammatory response, which leads to the damage of neurons (neuropathy) of the brain.

There is also scientific evidence of the relationship of dose of smoking, meaning that the more someone smokes, the higher their risk of developing poor memory. While the bad news is smoking impacts memory the good news is, that quitting could reduce the risk of Attention Deficit or other forms of poor memory compared with continued smoking. Making a quitting smoking timeline while using the best quit smoking products (the natural ones, of course!) improves health and leads to improvements in cognition. Stopping smoking can help partially or completely reverse the effect on the cortex of the brain.

Why do you need the Smotect natural tablets?

Smotect quit smoking tablets not only help in successful quitting of smoking but also by virtue of its active ingredients that have neuroprotective, antioxidant, stress-relieving, anti-depressant, and mood enhancer effects helps in improving memory, attention, and concentration. 

This holistic benefit of Smotect quit smoking tablets makes it much superior to the conventional NRT and other quit smoking products.

Smotect quit smoking natural tablets are 100% natural and the best is that they are made with 12 therapeutic herbs that have proven to help smokers. 

Another thing that makes Smotect natural tablets are the best quit smoking tablets in India is that we don’t ask our clients to give up smoking, but ask them to do it mindfully. Rather than creating a strict quit smoking routine, we are focusing on naturally removing the psychological dependency on nicotine.

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