The Secret to Quitting Smoking: An Effective Approach

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Congratulations on taking this decision to quit smoking! Consider it half the battle won. Smoking cessation is just like learning any new activity say swimming or cycling at first, you will doubt your ability until you finally get the knack for it.

All you need is your persistence and our guidance. We are here to help you with an effective approach to leading a smoke-free lifestyle.

Here Are Some Effective Approaches to achieve a healthy and Smoking Free Lifestyle

A] Practice Mindfulness While Smoking

When you begin to smoke mindfully, you will:

  • Become aware of your emotion, whether you are anxious, stressed, or excited
  • Feel the cigarette
  • Experience its taste
  • Feel the smoke travel down your throat as you inhale and feel it travel back up your throat as you exhale
  • Become aware if your mood has changed for the better after smoking the cigarette

B] Learn To Like The Idea Of Not Smoking

As you embrace the mindfulness approach, you will no longer smoke distractedly. The cigarette will become the focus of your attention. You will begin to experience the ‘burning feeling’ as you inhale the smoke. The cigarette will not taste good and the smell of smoke will seem unpleasant. Gradually, cigarette smoking will stop seeming pleasurable and smoking frequency will tend to reduce.

C] Do Body Scan Technique

At times, while smoking, you may fail to realize that this habit is connected to your emotional state. Knowing the body and mind interaction of smoking helps to kick this habit for good.

Body scan technique helps to release the physical tension you might not even realize you're experiencing. This form of meditation involves paying attention to your body and bodily sensations gradually from feet to head. It helps you to maintain a relaxed state when you are stressed.

D] Practice R.A.I.N.

R.A.I.N. is a four-step mindfulness process that helps you redirect your negative thoughts. It will assist you in resisting cigarette cravings by drawing your attention to your emotional distress. The term stands for.

R — Recognize

A — Allow,

I — Investigate,

N — Non-Identification

The next time you experience a cigarette craving:

  • Recognize your emotion at the present moment
  • Allow yourself to process the emotion
  • Investigate the cause of the emotion in an open-ended and friendly manner
  • Begin to detach from the notion that smoking is reflective of your whole being


Once you recognize your cues for cigarette smoking and follow the above approach, you will break the habit loop of cigarette smoking.

Our brains have the capacity to change if we want to. We can unlearn the habit loop. Forming a new habit to kick the old habit is called neuroplasticity.

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To Sum Up

Quitting cigarette smoking is not a test of willpower. It requires you to follow the above-listed ways systematically and dedicatedly to break the habit loop. And to help you in this process are Smotect Natural Tablets.

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