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Are you a smoker who has taken the resolve to quit smoking and is on the cusp of embracing a smoke-free life? Or are you the one who is contemplating to quitting smoking? Or, you could be the one who has just stepped foot onto the other side of the ground and wondering how the journey would be.

Regardless of your standing, you might face the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms before you finally overcome the habit.

Keep faith in yourself. Trust the success of your process. It is worth it to break free from the clutches of smoking. Because there is joy in the success of being a non-smoker. In this blog, we will present this fact.

The Power Of Positive Self-talk

Picture a smoke-free you. Happy. Content. Excited. You don’t need a pack of cigarettes to make you slip into bouts of happiness and elevated moods. You don’t need nicotine to puff you up with a feel-good factor. You don’t need to harm your body to numb yourself from feelings of anxiety or stress. Yes, a happy YOU can be a smoke-free YOU. It is a myth that quitting smoking ends up making one miserable. If you are unsure about trusting our word, we have some science to back up our claim.

The Connection Between Quitting Smoking And Happiness

Scientists believe that the act of smoking itself involves stress. According to them, smoking deprives the brain of naturally-induced dopamine (the pleasure chemical). With regular smoking, it is the nicotine that supplies dopamine. This loss of natural supply triggers symptoms of depression in smokers.

We have an experimental finding to cement the above information. A group of scientists ran an experiment on a pool of 236 male and female smokers who wanted to give up smoking. The scientists provided them with smoking cessation counselling and nicotine patches. They set a date for the candidates to quit smoking.

The scientists conducted a standardized test to check for symptoms of depression 7 days before the candidates stopped smoking. Additional psychological check-ups for depression took place 2, 8, 16 and 28 weeks after the quit date.


Of the 236 candidates:

  • 99 never abstained.
  • 77 abstained temporarily.
  • 33 abstained throughout the experiment
  • 29 exhibited no above-mentioned quitting behavior

The participants who never abstained were the unhappiest of all. The candidates who quit smoking temporarily were in high spirits during the check-ups. However, after resorting to smoking again, their moods darkened significantly. Those who abstained throughout the experiment had the highest levels of happiness.

Inference: When the candidates quit smoking, their depressive symptoms went down. Upon relapse, their mood turned low. Enhanced mood and abstinence went hand-in-hand. The researchers opined that when one quits smoking they are relieved of the symptoms of depression.

Conclusion: ‘Smoking eases anxiety’ is a myth. Kicking up the habit could truly make a person feel happy.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

‘Happiness is a state of the mind’ — You would have heard of this statement before. But this is a reality, especially when it comes to quitting smoking. Here’s the explanation.

Smoking is about falling prey to cues & patterns, emotional distress and nicotine present in the cigarette. With time, nicotine enslaves your mind and makes you undergo a vicious cycle of repetitive smoking, eventually making you addicted to cigarettes. Not to forget the toil it takes on your health, your finances, your mental makeup, your social connections and last but not the least the well-being of your family.

When you quit smoking, you not only make an agreement with yourself to not light the cigarette again, but you make a pact with life to lead it healthily. True happiness comes in being independent of any emotional trigger, gaining self-control, being true to yourself, and being one with the environment. True happiness is in being mindful and living life to the fullest.

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