The Scientific link between Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction is common in varying degrees and more prevalent with age-related issues. Various factors can lead to Erectile Dysfunction but many people overlook the most common factor – SMOKING – so you have got one more reason to start taking the quit smoking tablets.

Did you know that exposure to smoking is a direct and major factor contributing to Erectile Dysfunction or ED and increases your chances to get ED by 1.5 times as compared to a non-smoker? Those are some alarming numbers – but can be reversed if you join a quit smoking program.

If you smoke – or wish to stop smoking – but cant somehow, it is imperative to explore the link between smoking and ED.

But before we go father, just relax and breath as we are here with the best treatment for smoking addiction. But still it is important for you to know about the side effects of smoking in detail.

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction commonly called ED is clinically defined as the persistent or recurrent inability to achieve/maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. At times ED is also referred to as impotence. This can be caused due to a range of physical and psychological factors.

But you may ask, how does smoking directly impact ED? Or why do I need anti smoking tablets?   

Just as smoking damages the body by affecting blood vessels in the heart, brain or kidneys, it also causes noticeable damage to the blood vessels of the penis. This impacts the arterial blood supply which is essential to attain and maintain erections. A normal erection occurs when the arteries in the penis expand and fill with blood after receiving signals from nerves in the penis. 

The nerves respond to sexual arousal signals from the brain. However, if you don’t quit smoking or join a quit smoking program, an erection may not occur as the blood vessels will be compromised. 

Smoking also causes intrinsic damage to vessels preventing elastic dilation despite strong arousal signals. Smoking alters the elastin and induces calcification of medial elastic fibres producing arterial stiffness. These changes lead to long term problems of ED in smokers. 

Additionally, unless you quit smoking, your sexual desires will be greatly reduced – as well as the performance. But it should be noted that smoking has a long-lasting impact on fertility in both men and women both. The risk of infertility is doubled in both men and women who smoke, compared to non-smokers. Smoking negatively impacts sperm production and quality. 

The harmful chemicals present in cigarettes are also harmful to women’s health and inhibit conception in women. 

As of now, we hope that you’re well aware of the ill effects of smoking – so it is time to introduce the best quit smoking tablets in India – it is a natural remedy – so double bonus for you.

Is there a solution to the problems caused by smoking?

We are quite sure that you are well aware of the problems caused by smoking are grave, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, only if you take the quit smoking route. The symptoms of ED are reversible and a prior state of health can be achieved once the body is no more exposed to cigarettes.

Men should look for natural quit smoking tablets or opt for comprehensive quit smoking programs that can make their recovery faster!

Well researched and natural remedies such as Smotect quit smoking natural tablets, are a herbal combination that helps to achieve your target of going smoke-free. Not only does Smotect help you in quitting cigarettes, but it also helps to treat ED simultaneously. However, remember that there is no best way to quit smoking unless you really want to quit it.

Active ingredients in Smotect quit smoking natural tablets, viz. Kaucha (Mucuna Pruriens), Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) are known to be the best aphrodisiac herbs mentioned in Ayurveda. These herbs have been noted for increasing the Nitric Oxide activity responsible for the health of the blood vessels, thereby treating ED too. 

It isn’t too late, the side effects of smoking on ED can be reversed. Quit smoking now. Opt for Smotect quit smoking tablets that can be your trusted partner in the journey of quitting cigarettes. While at it, you can use them to enhance and improve your sexual health and well being too. 

If you have been terrified from the myths of quit smoking side effects or the side effects for nicotine patch, our experts are there to help – to answer all your questions. So, don’t let the addiction take over.

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