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Mindfulness holds the key to transitioning your feelings of smoking from a compulsion to dislike. But what does it mean to be mindful? When you are mindful of yourself, you are fully aware of what you are thinking, feeling and doing.

Awareness and mindfulness have many techniques. One of them is R.A.I.N. In this blog, we will explain how this technique along with Smotect Natural Tablets could facilitate your cigarette-quitting program better.

What is R.A.I.N.?

R.A.I.N. is an acronym for Recognition, Acceptance, Investigation and Non-identification. It centers on being aware of your immediate surroundings and being nonjudgmental about the thoughts and feelings accompanying them. It deconditions you from your usual patterns of thinking, responding and behaving, for instance feeling stressed and lighting a cigarette.

This technique is the primary exercise for quitting smoking. Each time you let go of the craving, you must practice R.A.I.N. This practice will break the habit loop and take you close to quitting cigarettes. Let’s understand how.

Here are the full form of RAIN and its uses 

R for ‘recognize’

Identify the presence of strong emotion in your mind. Tune in to the emotion gently in an open and nonjudgmental fashion. Get a sense of what is happening in your mind and in your body. Give tangible descriptions of the sensations. For instance, say out aloud — I’m feeling stressed, or I’m feeling tired. When you truly recognize how you feel, you open up your inner space to be in the present moment. You are no longer distracted when smoking.

A for ‘accept’

Accepting or acknowledging your present moment and emotions doesn’t mean you must suppress them. Stay in the present moment and drop your mental resistance. It is critical to respond and not react. When you react, you plainly deepen your emotion. But when you respond, you choose the next step consciously. You are comfortable with what you are undergoing.

I for ‘investigate’

While investigating, ask these questions: How did this start? Have I felt it before? What do I need to do now? Such questions can help you analyze your emotions and thoughts objectively. The core reason to investigate is to help yourself resolve any ambiguity in your mind related to your emotion and thoughts.

N for ‘non-identify’

In this last step of the technique, your sense of being is not restricted to your emotions. This realization aims to make you peaceful and calm and reaffirm that you are not defined by your cigarette smoking. In other words, just because you have been smoking for a given amount of time, doesn’t mean you will continue to smoke for the rest of your life. This last step makes you realize that smoking is merely a habit that can be unlearned whenever you want to.

Do this technique once or twice every day when you are not smoking. Each time you practice RAIN, your mental muscles strengthen. You are in a better capacity to deal with your cigarette cravings. Additionally, to stop smoking, you can opt for Smotect Natural Tablets.

Quit Smoking with Smotect Natural Tablets

Smotect natural tablets are patented, unique scientific formulations of 12 therapeutic herbs. They are 100% safe and natural, nicotine-free and clinically proven. They offer over 95% success rate with zero side effects. These tablets:

  • Help you beat your biological cravings
  • Help the body to produce its dopamine and thus lower your compulsion to smoke frequently
  • Manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Restore lung health/functions and protect vital organs from the impact of years of smoking
  • Prevent organ damage because of smoking
  • Enhance the uptake of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide
  • Help reduce anxiety and irritation
  • Help beat depression in smokers
  • Improve concentration, retention and memory

You could also access Smotect Guided sessions to experience mindfulness and beat your psychological cravings. These sessions comprise videos that:

  • Provide tangible tools, techniques and breathing exercises to strengthen your mental muscle and manage cravings and withdrawals.
  • Equip you to deal with slips and relapses effectively.
  • Reinforce awareness of your psychological triggers and smoking patterns.

To Sum Up

If you have to quit smoking, you must first be able to dislike the idea of smoking. At Smotect, we offer you anti-smoking tablets and a series of video sessions to guide you to walk the path of health. At the same time, practice the technique of R.A.I.N. to become aware of your smoking habit. Because only when you are aware of the existence of a problem, will you look to resolve it effectively.

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