How Can You Quit Smoking Even If You Are A Chain Smoker?

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Chain-smoking is a sign of nicotine addiction. And, any addiction is toxic to health. 

The sad part is that many chain smokers are ignorant or refuse to believe that they are heavy smokers. The remaining thing, that withdrawal symptoms will be difficult to manage if they quit smoking, so they continue to smoke cigarettes.

But their high number of cigarettes makes this smoking extremely dangerous, as they continue to expose themselves to carcinogenic toxins.

Signs Of A Chain Smoker

If you associate yourself with at least one of the following conditions, you are a chain smoker.

  • Cigarette smoking has become a part of your daily routine.
  • You smoke 10 or more cigarettes every day.
  • You often smoke cigarettes in succession.
  • You have yellow stains on your nails, fingers and teeth.
  • You need your first cigarette after waking up.
  • You find it difficult to control the craving in public places.
  • People can sniff your arrival.
  • You dislike taking the flight for your trips.
  • You have a croaky voice.
  • You look older than your age.
  • You choose to smoke despite being aware of the harmful effects of smoking.
  • You justify your smoking habit.

Stop Chain Smoking With Smotect

You can ease your way into breaking the habit even if you are a chain smoker and quit smoking for good. The solution is simple. You need to prepare your body and mind in a scientific manner. 

Wondering what preparation of body and mind means? It means combatting:

  • Biological cravings: Tightness in the throat or belly, anxiety or stress
  • Psychological cravings: Daily occurrences and patterns, such as after-meal times or work stress

Smotect offers a holistic quit-smoking solution that addresses the above-mentioned biological and psychological cravings. 

Smotect Natural Tablets prepare the body to quit smoking, while Smotect Guided Sessions empower you mentally to quit the habit for good. Read further to know how.

Prepare Your Body To Quit Smoking With Smotect Natural Tablets

Smotect Natural Tablets are formulated to help you quit smoking, regardless of how heavy a smoker you are. They are patented, unique scientific formulations of 12 therapeutic herbs — Kapikacchu, Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu, Sirish, Gokshura, Haridra, Tulsi, Brahmi, Amla, Sunthi, Lavang, and Vasa.

Smotect Natural Tablets are 100% natural and safe. You won’t get any side effects from these tablets, unlike other quit-smoking medicines.

These tablets are non-addictive. Their success rate is over 95%. They are clinically proven, FDA-approved and GMP-certified. 

Smotect Natural Tablets mimic the behaviour of nicotine present in cigarettes. They lead the body to produce its own dopamine naturally and restore normal dopamine levels. This naturally released dopamine also helps to sustain the elevated mood, and increase energy levels, and stamina.

Consequently, your nicotine dependence reduces. You start smoking lesser and eventually quit smoking cigarettes.

Smotect Natural Tablets combat your very reason to smoke cigarettes. So, whether you have been smoking 10+ cigarettes every day for 10 years or more, these tablets help you break the habit of smoking by addressing the concern at the fundamental biochemical level. 

As soon as you start taking Smotect Natural Tablets as per the prescribed dosage:

  • Your nicotine dependence reduces.
  • You are able to beat your biological and psychological cravings.
  • The uptake of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide is enhanced.
  • Your lung function improves.
  • Your breathing quality improves.
  • You are relieved of the smoker's cough.
  • You manage your withdrawal symptoms well.
  • Further organ damage is arrested.
  • Nicotine and other toxins begin to get cleared from the lungs.
  • The CO/COHb levels in your body reduce.
  • Your digestion and immunity improve.
  • Your vital organs begin to get restored.
  • Your skin begins to turn healthy.
  • You are able to concentrate better on your tasks.
  • Your memory and information retention capacity improves.
  • You begin to experience calmness; anxiety levels reduce.
  • You begin to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep.
  • Your stamina and energy levels begin to improve.
  • Your mood turns better; you stay fresh for longer periods.

Prepare Your Mind To Quit Smoking With Smotect Guided Sessions

Smotect Guided Sessions are designed on the concept of mindfulness. A team of experienced quit-smoking experts have designed these video sessions on the approach of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). 

As soon as you sign up for Smotect Guided Sessions, you:

  • Begin to recognise your cues for cigarette smoking.
  • Learn how to accept your cigarette cravings without feeling guilty or judgemental about yourself.
  • Become aware of the psychological triggers and smoking patterns.
  • Become familiar with tangible tools, breathing exercises, and mindfulness techniques, such as R.A.I.N. and body scan technique to detach from smoking.
  • Strengthen your mental muscle to help you manage cravings and withdrawals.
  • Improve your ability to deal with slips and relapses.
  • Begin to smoke mindfully and experience the unpleasantness of smoking.
  • Learn to like the idea of not smoking.
  • Learn to non-identify yourself with smoking.
  • Overcome your mental dependence on smoking without relying on your willpower.


Smotect Natural Tablets and Smotect Guided Sessions can help you come out of your chain-smoking effectively and with zero side effects. They increase your ability to quit smoking by 10X more than any other method.

Within 14 weeks (duration may depend on a case-to-case basis), you could lead a smoke-free life. 

Start your Quit Smoking Journey today with World's most effective & proven Smotect Quit Smoking Natural Tablets

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