How Smotect Can Improve Your Appearance and Well-Being

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Cigarette smoking is associated with all kinds of health risks. You probably already know that it raises your risk for cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

But do you know that it can also impact your skin? Cigarette smoking can make a smoker look up to 10 years older!

How Does Smoking Affect Your Skin?

Toxic Component Present In The Cigarette Impact
Nicotine ● Causes blood vessels to narrow
● Reduces the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin
● The skin turns pale yellow or grey
● The skin tone becomes uneven or poor.
● The skin begins to age early. Wrinkles and lines start appearing over the face. They become more pronounced on the upper and lower lips, and around the eyes.
Carbon monoxide ● Competes with oxygen to bind with haemoglobin in the red blood cells.
● The body’s tissues, including the skin, receive less oxygen.
Free radicals ● Attack healthy tissues
● Speed up the natural low production of collagen
● The skin begins to sag early
● Deplete the oxygen in the skin, leading to skin damage
Other toxins ● Trigger the destruction of collagen and elastin.
● These fibres are responsible for the skin’s strength and elasticity.
● Increase melanin in the skin, leading to the development of dark spots.
● The fingers used to hold the cigarettes turn yellow due to cigarette tar

Quit Smoking With Smotect To Improve Your Looks

By now, you would have realized that even advanced skin technology can’t come to your rescue. Modern tools may help, but their result will be short-term.

Because smoking has already impaired your skin’s health. And, it will continue to deteriorate it as long as you continue to smoke. 

You have only one solution to improve your skin quality and facial appearance. Quit smoking with Smotect Natural Tablets

These tablets are patented, unique scientific formulations of 12 therapeutic herbs. They are formulated to lower nicotine dependence, reduce cravings and manage withdrawal symptoms. 

When you start taking Smotect Natural Tablets

#1] Your nicotine dependence reduces

Smotect Natural Tablets contains the herbs, Kapikacchu and Ashwagandha, which lead the body to produce its own dopamine. 

These tablets mimic the behaviour of nicotine present in cigarettes. Just as nicotine stimulates the release of the pleasure hormone dopamine, these tablets lead the body to produce its own dopamine naturally.

Consequently, nicotine dependence reduces. 

Unlike nicotine, these tablets are not addictive. So, you don’t develop a craving for them. Smotect Natural Tablets help to restore normal dopamine levels. These tablets combat your very reason to smoke cigarettes.

This naturally released dopamine also helps to sustain the elevated mood, increased energy levels, and stamina, thus reducing your reliance on cigarettes drastically.

Nicotine and cigarette toxins stop being accumulated in the body.

#2] Skin damage stops

The herbs, Haridra and Amla present in the tablets, serve as antioxidants. They assist in preventing further skin damage due to smoking. 

The anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and immunity-enhancing properties of ingredients like Haridra, Amla and Tulsi help to reduce inflammation, regulate the pigment of the skin and also reduce the impact of free radicals that damage the skin.

All this put together helps you to regain normal skin elasticity and firmness of the skin, thus making the skin youthful.

#3] Cell functioning improves

The herbs, Vasa and Tulsi, present in the tablets help enhance the uptake of oxygen. Oxygen uptake is a measure of

  • Your ability to take in oxygen and deliver it to the tissues.
  • The ability of tissues to use oxygen for cellular functions.

Thus, the tablets improve the capacity of your lungs to pump in more oxygen and pump out carbon dioxide. They aid in the fundamental functioning of the skin’s cells.

#4] Mind stays calm

Ingredients such as Ashwagandha and Brahmi help reduce anxiety levels and irritation and help to calm your nerves. As a result, the urge to smoke reduces. These herbs help to fight depression in smokers.

#5] Skin health improves

The herbs, Yashtimadhu, Amla and Vasa, present in the tablets, help improve skin health. 

The body is devoid of cigarette toxins and nicotine.

The circulation of blood to your face improves automatically.

The skin starts receiving oxygen and nutrients.

Skin inflammation reduces.

The paleness and dry appearance recede.

Skin pigment is regulated.

The impact of free radicals damaging the skin is reduced.

The skin’s colour, texture, and appearance improve.

The tar stains on fingers reduce and eventually disappear.

The production of elastin and collagen resumes.
The skin begins to gain normal elasticity and firmness. Skin becomes youthful.

Some damage, i.e. wrinkles on the face stay, but overall skin quality and health improve.

Impact Of Smotect Natural Tablets On The Skin


Smotect Natural Tablets can’t certainly reverse your skin damage, but they can prevent further damage. You can count on these tablets to help you quit smoking successfully because these are:

  • 100% safe and natural
  • Nicotine-free
  • Non-addictive
  • Over 95% success rate with zero side effects
  • Clinically-proven
  • FDA-approved
  • GMP-certified

Start your Quit Smoking Journey today with World's most effective & proven Smotect Quit Smoking Natural Tablets

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