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Like most people, you must’ve tried numerous ways to quit smoking, often by pushing your willpower alone to its limits, when that failed then with the help of nicotine patches & gums. And yet we have caught your attention. When you think about why most smokers fail to quit? All fingers point at the lack of coping mechanisms for the withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms occur when a smoker goes cold turkey or lessens his daily intake of nicotine, which results in irritation, anxiety, restlessness, and often depression & insomnia. Dealing with the withdrawal symptoms isn’t everyone's cup of tea, which is why most fall back to the only ways. 

Relapses such as these make it difficult even for the honest ones. What helps is starting from the ground up! Prepare your mind & your body to conquer the withdrawal symptoms. Ensure your journey towards a smoke-free life is a smooth ride.

When you stop smoking, your body undergoes several positive changes, such as the lowering of your blood pressure, your carbon monoxide levels reaching back to normal, less wheezing, more appetite etc. However, to get here successfully, you need to bring great changes in your lifestyle. 

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy or MBCT is an effective way to plan & successfully complete your quitting journey. They help you quit by reinforcing awareness of your psychological triggers & smoking patterns. 

Nicotine gums and patches serve as a replacement that is widely sold in the market as a way to quit smoking. However, at the end of the day, they’re still just that, alternatives! You’re still consuming nicotine which is why you need a solution that’s nicotine-free for a healthy and smooth transition. 

Smotect natural tablets are nicotine-free, scientific formulations of 12 therapeutic herbs that help you get over your smoking habit. While helping you lead a smoke-free life, they also help repair your lungs & other vital organs such as the heart, brain & skin from the impact of several years of smoking. 

Smotect has also curated several mindfulness exercises to help you effectively work around your cravings & avoid relapses. To prepare your mind & your body Smotect’s guided sessions provide you with lifelong tools, significantly reducing your chances of relapsing.

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