Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage
Quit Smoking &  Repair Damage

Quit Smoking &
Repair Damage

Scientifically Proven Natural Formula

Nicotine Free | FDA Approved | 100% Safe

Clinically Proven: 95% of smokers have either quit smoking or significantly reduced it within 12 weeks!

Light Smokers - Upto 4 Cigarettes / Day
-21% Rs. 1,590 MRP: Rs. 2,000 Incl. of all taxes Save Rs. 410
Moderate Smokers -
5-10 Cigarettes / Day
-38% Rs. 2,490 MRP: Rs. 4,000 Incl. of all taxes Save Rs. 1,510
Heavy Smokers - Above 10 Cigarettes / Day
-42% Rs. 3,490 MRP: Rs. 6,000 Incl. of all taxes Save Rs. 2,510
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Smotect Natural Tablets to Quit Smoking
Nicotine-free & zero side-effects
• Clinically proven for safety and efficacy 
• Derived from 12 therapeutic herbs
• FDA approved, GMP certified & Patented formulation 
• Results may vary from person to person 

Benefits :
Reduces craving for nicotine
• Protects and restores vital organs 
• Helps to quit smoking 

40000+ Success Stories

Smotect's polyherbal natural formula is the world's first nicotine-free and natural solution for tobacco users. Scientifically proven, it prepares your body and mind to quit tobacco by reducing your dependence on nicotine. It protects and restores vital organs like the lungs, heart, brain, skin, and the oral cavity from the impact of years of tobacco usage.

Doctor's Recommended Program

Key Ingredients


(Mucuna Pruriens)

Reduces nicotine craving & smoking urge. Restores natural neurotransmitter balance, enhances energy & stamina.


(Withania Somnifera)

Manages stress & anxiety, improves cardiovascular health, helps to recover infertility & boosts memory.


(Glycyrrhiza Glabra)

Restores lung function, helps in digestion, weight management, improves overall skin & oral health.


(Albizia Lebbeck)

Relieves smokers cough, effective action of anti-bacterial, anti-allergic & anti inflammatory properties.


(Tribulus Terrestris)

Improves adrenaline & noradrenaline. Improves heart health, manages diabetes & boosts libido.


(Curcuma Longa)

Reduces inflammation in lungs, improves immunity & digestion, anti-oxidant & anti-carcinogenic properties.


(Ocimum Sanctum)

Anti-pyretic, anti-allergic & bronchodilator action. Purifies blood & restores gut health. Immunity booster.


(Bacopa Monnieri)

Relaxant, help smokers improve cognitive function like focus, memory & helps to reduce ADHD symptoms.


(Emblica Officinalis)

Anti-oxidant, improves cardio-vascular health. Prevents hair loss, restores digestion & liver function.


(Zingiber Officinale)

Manage withdrawals. Bioavailability enhancer, anti-allergic, bronchodilator & anti-inflammatory properties.


(Eugenia Officinale)

Prevents lung damage due to smoking, restores bone health, anti-inflammatory & improves overall immunity.


(Adhatoda Vasica)

Expectorant & relieves smokers cough. Improves skin quality & purifies blood. Relieves pain & inflammation.


For best results : Compliance to the suggested dosage is strongly recommended. Results may vary from person to person.

  • Energy and Stamina
  • Mood and Freshness
  • Breathing Quality
  • Heart Health
  • Craving for Nicotine
  • Desire for Tobacco
  • Stress and Withdrawals
  • Smoker's Cough
  • Lung Function
  • Oral Cavity
  • Vital Organs
  • Sleep and Skin Quality

Smotect Clinical Study

It’s a two-arm, double-blind, randomized, prospective, multicentric, placebo-controlled clinical study to evaluate efficacy and safety of Smotect Natural Tablets (A Nicotine Free Composition of Therapeutic Herbs for Smoking
De-Addiction and Treatment of other Effects Related to Smoking) in Smokers.

Clinical Trial Registration Number : CTRI/2017/06/008787

Clinical Trails

Key Findings

Prepares your body and mind to quit smoking

>95% smokers either quit or reduce significantly

Cleanse, repair and protect lungs from damaging effects of CO (Carbon Monoxide)

Manages withdrawal symptoms like irritation and restlessness

2x increase in energy, strength and stamina

Improves smokers quality of life significantly as per WHO parameters

Protects vital organs like brain, heart and lungs from long term complications of smoking

In-Vitro analysis smotect natural tablets showed potential anti-cancer properties

Free Guided Sessions

Increases your chance of quitting smoking by 10 times

A step-by-step video series made by quit smoking experts based on MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) approach to plan and complete your quitting journey.

Get Started

Provides tools and techniques to manage cravings and withdrawals.

Equips you to deal with slips and relapses effectively.

Reinforces awareness of your psychological triggers and smoking patterns.

Science behind Smotect

Restores Neurochemical Balance

Smotect's nicotine free formula facilitates the body to restore the natural balance of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and GABA which the body loses due to its nicotine dependency. Since the original neurotransmitter balance is restored, the dependence on nicotine reduces through its therapeutic herbs. This restoration of neurochemicals also acts to provide sustained elevation of mood, increased energy levels and stamina.

Systemic Effect on Respiratory Tract & Vital Organs

Smotect Natural Tablets protect vital organs via antioxidant activity through Haridra, Amla that exerts free radical scavenging action and prevents organ damage due to smoking. It's bronchodilator action of herbs like Vasa, Tulsi help to improve lung functions by improving dilation of the tiny air sacs (alveoli) and thus enhancing the uptake of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide. 

Anti-Stress Activity

Ingredients like Ashwagandha, Brahmi possess excellent anti-stress and Adaptogenic activity that helps reduce anxiety levels, irritation and helps to calm your nerves and thus reduces the urge to smoke & consecutively helps to quit smoking. Antidepressant activity helps to fight depression in Smokers.

Improves Cognitive Function (Neuroprotective effect)

Smotect natural tablet's ingredient like Brahmi help to improve overall cognition & have beneficial effects to improve concentration, retention, and memory that diminishes due to smoking. It's Neuroprotective action protects nerves from damage due to chemicals involved in smoking tobacco.

International Quality Standards

Smotect’s Goal is to maintain consistent and standard quality products from one production to another.
With zero variations and 100% quality.  

Our Warehouse

Smotect Natural Tablets are manufactured in a state of the art Good Manufacturing Practices-Certified plant approved by the FDA-Maharashtra as an Ayurvedic Product.

Scientific approach towards making

Smotect Natural Tablets has been formulated after rigorous research by a team of Scientists including Medical/Ayurveda Doctors, Botanists, Pharma Experts, and are extensively tested for safe and effective consumption. 

Hand-picked Herbs, for you

Each Herbal ingredient is carefully selected from the natural source of origin and is subjected to quality checks to ensure, it meets the Pharmacopeia standards of quality, safety, and efficacy. 

Clinically Tested for Efficacy & Safety

Gold standards on Smotect Natural Tablets have proven its efficacy and safety over short and long-term use for quitting smoking, Lung function improvement, Stress relieving, and Enhancement of quality of life.

Zero Variations

All Herbal Extracts used in Smotect Natural Tablets are Standardized Herbal Extracts i.e. Contains the specified bio-active compound in the desired concentration. This ensures batch-to-batch consistency.

100% Quality

In-Process-Quality-Control (IPQC) checks are applied to ensure the desired outcome in the finished product. The Final Product is also tested on international standards on quality including heavy metals, pesticides, microbial tests, etc.