Is Smoking Your Best Buddy? Quit This Toxic Relationship

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Find ways to effectively Quit Smoking And Its Toxic Relationship!

Smoking is injurious to health. A cold truth many of us have learnt to ignore. For many, the long-term side effects trump the immediate gratification smokers experience.

Smoking causes many health issues that can range from hair loss, anxiety, diabetes to cancer. Why is it that we still choose to ignore this severity and stick to the habit of smoking? 

Whenever a smoker takes a puff of a cigarette, the nicotine picked up by the brain’s receptors leads to a release in dopamine. This immediate gratification each time one has a cigarette creates an insidious habit driven by our brain’s reward-based behavior.

With time, a smoker starts to look at a cigarette as his or her ally. It’s almost like a friend which sticks with you through good times or bad. Be it a short-term cure for stress on a busy work day, or a dopamine intensifier during a celebration - a cigarette is so closely linked with our brains habit-based reward system that it becomes tough for us to kick the habit.

Many smokers report that smoking helps them relieve stress or emotional trauma or sometimes it simply helps kill boredom. A cigarette is often smoked on auto-pilot. A cigarette ends up acting as one solution to all problems. When in fact it is often a singular cause for many problems.

No matter how many times a smoker tries to quit, they yearn not just for the nicotine but for the dopamine release-based reward that their brain has gotten so used to. This is what makes the smoker choose the immediate gratification over the long-term benefits of quitting smoking. 

Let’s look at some proven ways to quit smoking:

✅ Since this is a matter of physiology as well as psychology, a good way to kickstart smoking cessation is to unlearn the habit loop and learn mindfulness. One must absolutely unlearn the notion that, “Smoking is my ally or buddy” or “smoking is needed to get me through a phase or problem”.

✅ Smotect- India’s best quit smoking program is about well researched mindful practices and proven CBT techniques. This combined approach is known as MCBT or Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavior Technique which has proven helpful in helping the brain unlearn certain practices and replace them with alternative behaviors. 

✅ These techniques can help you unlearn the habit and maladaptive thinking patterns. The counsellors at smotect quit smoking program are skilled and trained in this approach. The guided sessions and recordings help you easily learn the techniques of mindfulness. 

The road to recovery is tricky but these techniques can help you dodge cravings at every turn and empower you at the most crucial stage of smoking cessation.

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