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Congratulations on your first step of becoming an ex-smoker! When you put out your last cigarette and make the decision to stop smoking, it's a significant event. The effort to stop smoking has its difficulties, but in the end, the benefits make it all worthwhile (including decreased inflammation, boosted immunity, and more).

If you've never tried to quit smoking, it might be difficult to know what to anticipate or how challenging it can be to get through the initial, unpleasant hours and days of nicotine withdrawal. Read on to discover what to expect and what benefits your body experiences after quitting smoking.

Immediate benefits

The human body is incredible. It is designed to fix itself. After you put out your last cigarette, the mending starts quickly.

Within 20 minutes

Your heart rate and blood pressure will start to decrease almost immediately.

Within 8 hours

Nicotine is addictive in large part due to how rapidly it enters the system, releasing dopamine and adrenaline (giving you that familiar thrill) and how quickly it wears off, making you want the hit repeatedly. The amount of nicotine in your blood will have decreased by half after around 8 hours, and withdrawal symptoms will start to appear. The good news is that the amount of carbon monoxide in your blood will have decreased by about half at roughly the eight-hour point. The amount of oxygen that reaches your heart is reduced by the carbon monoxide you breathe in from cigarette smoke, and at this time, oxygen levels will return to normal. 

Within 24 hours

Your withdrawal symptoms will be reaching their climax around this time. Be prepared for irritation, restless sleep, cravings, mental fog, and increased hunger. Although it is ugly, it won't last forever. 

Examples of the initial signs of nicotine withdrawal

The warning symptoms of nicotine withdrawal arise spontaneously. Within the first few hours after their first puff, typical smokers begin to feel some of these frequent symptoms, including: Depression, anxiety, and uneasiness, addiction to nicotine, temper and irritation, headaches, nausea, sleep difficulties and insomnia, tiredness, sweating & hunger.

Your body and brain are working extremely hard to combat your addiction, which is why you experience all of these symptoms. The intensity of these sensations usually peaks on day three and lasts for around two weeks. Not all of the changes you go through will be detrimental. In reality, after nicotine has left your body, you start your life as a non-smoker.

After 5 months

The good news is that you got through the challenging stage. From this point on, your recuperation ought to be a little simpler, and you'll start to see noticeable gains. For instance, when your circulation gets better each day, you may start coughing less.

After 1 year

After a year, healing has advanced to the point where you will have a 50% lower probability of having a heart attack.

After 5 years

Your blood vessels and arteries are practically back to normal at this time, which dramatically lowers your risk of strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots.

After 20 years

Your dedication to quitting smoking for more than 20 years will be rewarded with a life expectancy that is once more quite similar to that of a non-smoker.

There are various ways to stop smoking, but not all of them work effectively. It's critical to keep in mind that smoking is an addiction with potentially deep-rooted causes or justifications. Therefore, any intervention designed to treat your nicotine addiction must concentrate on both the physical and psychological effects of smoking. Going "cold turkey" may seem like the quickest and simplest solution, but research indicates that it's not likely to be successful long-term for most people.

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