Why Smoking Cigarette in Winters is More Dangerous

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Smoking cigarettes by itself is hazardous, be it any season. We staunchly urge you to give up smoking for good with Smotect. However, the pleasant winter may induce you to smoke more or lead you to a relapse. A word of caution — Avoid falling prey to the tricks of the weather. Smoking during winter is hazardous. We tell you why.

Effects Of Smoking In Winter

The cold, dry air of winter and a lack of sunlight negatively affect the human body. The sudden change in temperature is conducive to the growth of certain viruses. Hence, the human body is at risk of contracting infections. Smoking just makes it easier. 

Weakened immune system

According to scientific research, smoking leads to a drop in the levels of antibodies called immunoglobulins. Consequentially, smokers’ bodies become more sensitive to viruses and bacteria, so much so that the chances of smokers becoming sick become tenfold.

Airborne infections

During winter, usually, people keep windows shut for a long time during the day so that the house stays warm. If this is the case at your home too, and you smoke indoors, then the concentration of harmful gases from cigarette smoke increases inside the house. 

Even if you smoke outdoors, cold air and winter smog weakens the lungs. Your lung airways become narrower, making you feel breathless. The mucus builds up in the lungs’ passage. The impairment of the lung's clearance system leads to a buildup of poisonous substances, leading to wheezing and coughing.

In both the above-mentioned scenarios, both active and passive smokers may be more prone to contracting colds, flu and other viral infections during this season than healthy individuals. 

Cardiovascular diseases

In winter, the blood pressure of a person is relatively high. The heart undergoes slightly more exertion in pumping blood. Smoking puts strain on the heart too. A combination of both could increase the risk of heart disease. 

This Winter, Quit Smoking With Smotect

There is never a better time than today to quit smoking. Smotect has the right medication and an effective process to help you switch to a healthy way of living.

A] Smotect Natural Tablets

Smotect Natural Tablets are a unique formulation of 12 therapeutic herbs formulated to help you quit smoking. Unlike conventional Nicotine Replacement Therapy, these tablets are devoid of nicotine. 

Instead, they naturally mimic the action of nicotine so that your brain stimulates the release of the pleasure chemical dopamine, and you don’t fall back on cigarettes for the nicotine buzz. This naturally released dopamine boosts mood, sustains elevated mood, and increases energy levels and stamina. You absolutely have no reason to light up a cigarette.

This is not all, Smotect Natural Tablets protect and restore the lungs, heart, brain and skin from the impact of prolonged smoking. These tablets offer multiple benefits:

  • 100% safe and natural
  • Zero side effects
  • Clinically proven for safety and efficacy 
  • FDA-approved
  • GMP-certified
  • Patented formulation
  • A success rate of over 95%

Here is a testimonial from a physician on Smotect Natural Tablets.

“Smotect Natural Tablets are meticulously designed for lifelong smokers. It's proven to be safe and effective for my patients because of its polyherbal formulation that is nicotine-free and completely natural. I would recommend this to every smoker.”
Dr. Ashish Rohatgi
MD, Cardiologist & Chest Specialist

B] Smotect Guided Sessions

Along with the right medication, Smotect offers you some video sessions that firm up your resolve of quitting smoking. These video series called Smotect Guided Sessions are based on the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) approach. 

In these sessions, you will find tangible tools, techniques and breathing exercises, such as body scan technique and R.A.I.N. Designed by quit-smoking experts, these videos, in a step-by-step manner:

  • Strengthen your mental muscle to manage cravings
  • Equip you to deal with slips and relapses effectively
  • Reinforce awareness of your psychological triggers and smoking patterns
  • Enable you to move away from your identity as a non-smoker

To Sum Up

Winter or no winter, smoking is hazardous to health. The cold season just makes things worse. Quit smoking right away. But prep right. With Smotect. Get Smotect Natural Tablets. Enroll for Smotect Guided Sessions.

The tablets help you beat biological cravings whereas the video sessions help you overcome psychological cravings. Both these approaches are time-tested, proven to combat smoking and increase your ability to quit smoking by 10X more than any other method. 

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