What happens to your Body after taking Smotect Natural Tablets?

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Smotect Natural Tablets are herbal anti-smoking tablets. So, a one-liner to the question posed in the title is that when you start taking Smotect Natural Tablets, your brain and body undergo a series of changes that make you quit smoking. But how? This is what this blog aims to explain.

Let’s start by knowing the composition of these tablets.

What Are Smotect Natural Tablets Made Of?

Smotect Natural Tablets are patented, unique scientific formulations of 12 therapeutic herbs. All herbal ingredients are selected from the natural source of origin, undergo quality checks, and meet the Pharmacopeia standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

Smotect Natural Tablets are patented, unique scientific formulations of 12 therapeutic herbs.

The following tabulation gives you a peek into the benefits of each of these 12 herbs.

Herbal Ingredient Benefit
Kapikacchu ● Reduces nicotine craving and smoking urge
● Restores dopamine production
● Enhances energy and stamina
Ashwagandha ● Manages stress & anxiety
● Improves cardiovascular health
● Helps to recover infertility
● Boosts memory
Yashtimadhu ● Restores lung function
● Helps in digestion
● Manages weight
● Improves overall skin and oral health
Sirish ● Relieves smokers cough
● Has anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties
Gokshura ● Improves adrenaline and noradrenaline
● Improves heart health
● Manages diabetes
● Boosts libido
Haridra ● Reduces inflammation in the lungs
● Improves immunity and digestion
● Has antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties
Tulsi ● Has antipyretic, anti-allergic and bronchodilator action
● Purifies blood and restores gut health
● Boosts immunity
Brahmi ● Works as a relaxant
● Helps smokers improve cognitive function — focus and memory
● Helps reduce ADHD symptoms
Amla ● Has anti-oxidative properties
● Improves cardiovascular health
● Prevents hair loss
● Restores digestion and liver function
Sunthi ● Manages withdrawals
● Is a bioavailability enhancer
● Has anti-allergic, bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory properties
Lavang ● Prevents lung damage due to smoking
● Restores bone health
● Is anti-inflammatory
● Improves overall immunity
Vasa ● Is an expectorant and relieves smokers' cough
● Improves skin quality and purifies the blood
● Relieves pain and inflammation

What Do Smotect Natural Tablets Do To Your Body?

When you start taking Smotect Natural Tablets, you experience the following effects. 

#1] Your nicotine dependence reduces

Smotect Natural Tablets exert dopaminergic action on your brain. To state in simple words, the herbs Kapikacchu and Ashwagandha present in the tablets lead the body to produce its own dopamine. 

Smotect Natural Tablets mimic the behaviour of nicotine present in cigarettes. Just as nicotine stimulates the release of the pleasure hormone dopamine, these tablets lead the body to produce its own dopamine naturally. Consequently, nicotine dependence reduces. 

Unlike nicotine, these tablets are not addictive. So, you don’t develop a craving for them. Smotect Natural Tablets help to restore normal dopamine levels. These tablets combat your very reason to smoke cigarettes.

This naturally released dopamine also helps to sustain the elevated mood, increased energy levels, and stamina, thus reducing your reliance on cigarettes drastically.

#2] Organ damage stops

Haridra and Amla present in the tablets serve as antioxidants. They assist in preventing further organ damage due to smoking. 

#3] Lung function improves

Vasa and Tulsi present in the tablets help enhance the uptake of oxygen. Oxygen uptake is a measure of

  • Your ability to take in oxygen and deliver it to the tissues.
  • The ability of tissues to use oxygen for cellular functions.

Thus, the tablets improve the capacity of your lungs to pump in more oxygen and pump out carbon dioxide. They aid in the fundamental functioning of the body cells.

#4] Mind stays calm

Ingredients such as Ashwagandha and Brahmi help reduce anxiety levels and irritation, and help to calm your nerves. As a result, the urge to smoke reduces. These herbs help to fight depression in smokers.

#5] Brain function improves

Brahmi, present in tablets, protects nerves from damage due to chemicals involved in smoking cigarettes. It also helps to improve concentration, information retention, and memory which diminishes owing to smoking.

Overall Benefits Of Smotect Natural Tablets
Protection Benefits Restoration Benefits Cessation
● Improve energy and stamina to perform regular activities
● Enhance mood and freshness
● Manage stress and withdrawals
● Improve breathing quality
● Protect lungs and respiratory system
● Restore lung function
● Relieve smokers' cough
● Improve digestion and immunity
● Improve sleep, relax the mind and help the skin stay healthy
● Lower your dependence on nicotine

● Reduce CO/COHb levels

● Clear nicotine and other toxins

● Revive vital organs

● Reduce smoking significantly/quit smoking


Smotect Natural Tablets are nicotine-free, 100% safe and natural, which means zero side effects upon intake. They have a success rate of over 95% to lower your nicotine dependence, reduce cravings and manage withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, these tablets are patented formulation, clinically proven, FDA-approved and GMP-certified. 

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