How to Rewire Your Brain to Break the Nicotine Addiction Cycle

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“Every addiction no matter what it is, is the result of trying to escape from something by going in the direction of a need that is currently not being met”
Teal Swan

Addiction, as we know, can be simply described as training your brain to reward something. It is an urge to do something which can be difficult to control. You can be addicted to anything, but you should be aware that being addicted to any object or item always results in a negative outcome.

The same can be said about nicotine addiction. We are all aware of the ill effects of smoking, and if such habits are not broken, things will never end well.

However, once you make the decision to stop using, you can always expect a positive outcome. You can lead yourself to a healthy life once you make the firm decision to end your nicotine addiction.

You must prepare your body and mind to Quit Smoking

But to quit smoking, you must prepare your body and mind, which will make your brain start to rewire itself. Lack of preparation can lead to lethargy, restlessness, irritation, inconsistency, and an inability to manage yourself in the face of strong cravings.

Many studies have found that smokers usually make at least 10-12 unsuccessful attempts before quitting smoking for good. This is due to one major factor: a lack of preparation.

According to the Mayo Clinic, they have discovered that after a month of quitting, the number of nicotine receptors in your brain should return to normal, and cravings will stop. 

What if I decide to quit smoking after many years of continuous smoking?

Although stopping smoking can be challenging, it is well worth the effort. After 5 to 15 years, your stroke risk will be the same as a nonsmoker.

Even if you decide to quit smoking later in life, your life expectancy will increase, and your brain health can improve remarkably. The large number of nicotine receptors in the brain will return to their normal levels within 1 month of quitting smoking.

Smotect's Mindfulness Exercises

To prepare your mind, Smotect has curated several mindfulness exercises to help you deal with your cravings. We often smoke without awareness, and before we realize it, the cigarette is over.

The same autopilot behavior occurs when talking over the phone, having tea or facing stressful situations. Mindfulness exercises like RAIN and mindful smoking help overcome the strongest psychological urges by providing you with lifelong tools to understand and manage your cravings.

Where to find this? Well, you will find these exercises in the Smotect Guided Sessions.

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