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2022 saw the world slowly bidding bye to the pandemic and resuming their usual way of living. As such, 2023 seems to be a year of promise and bright beginnings. And, as it is on every new year, people make resolutions and sadly end up breaking them before the end of February. 

If you are contemplating quitting smoking and looking for ways to stick to this resolution for good, we have a solid plan for you. Read on.

The Science Of Making Resolutions

Before you even make your new year's resolution (any resolution), it is important to understand what it takes to stick to it. Fulfilling a resolution is about starting a new habit.

People usually underestimate the challenge of forming a new habit. They think that starting something new is just a matter of willpower that needs to be exercised for 21 days, and viola the resolution is successful.

Forming a new habit isn’t straightforward like this. Neither is changing old habits. Old habits fade naturally slowly. So, as your motivation or purpose wanes, the old habit persists. To succeed realistically, you need to follow a regime so that the adoption of the new habit becomes easier. 

New Year Resolution Tips To Quit Smoking

Follow these tips to become a non-smoker in 2023.


Tip The How The Why
Identify your smoking cues and triggers Recognise the emotions that lead you to your craving.

Understand the reasons for your smoking in an open-ended manner without judging yourself and accept them. Ask yourself:
● What emotion is compelling me to smoke — Am I anxious, bored, stressed, or excited?
● What will happen if I refuse to feed this urge?
Smoking is a habit. As is the case with all habits, smoking is part of the unconscious mind. Smokers don’t understand how it works.

This tip requires you to understand this habit. Once you recognise your cues for cigarette smoking, it becomes easier to break the habit loop of cigarette smoking.
Smoke mindfully Light up your cigarette.

Use your senses completely to analyse the cigarette. Feel the cigarette. Experience its taste. Feel the smoke travel down your throat as you inhale and feel it travel back up your throat as you exhale.

After smoking the cigarette, ask yourself:
● How do you feel.
● Has your mood really changed?
● If cigarette smoking has indeed changed your mood instantaneously.
● Try to recollect situations when you have managed to do without cigarettes and have done well.
● Ask yourself if you really need a cigarette the next time to cope with that trigger.

If you answer yes, then that means you are now conscious of the unpleasantness of the cigarette smoking experience.

If your answer is no, then practice smoking mindfully, and you will get there soon.
Smokers usually smoke cigarettes distractedly. Their attention is not on the cigarette but on the need to feel good.

Mindful smoking means using your senses completely while smoking. Feel the cigarette. Experience its bitter taste.
Know how the smoke feels inside your throat and mouth.
Take Smotect Natural Tablets Take these tablets as per the prescribed dosage. The dosage depends on how heavy your smoking is. Smotect Natural Tablets are patented, unique scientific formulations of 12 therapeutic herbs.

They are formulated to lower your nicotine dependence, reduce cravings and manage withdrawal symptoms.

Smotect Natural Tablets mimic the behaviour of nicotine present in cigarettes. Just as nicotine stimulates the release of the pleasure hormone dopamine, these tablets lead the body to produce its own dopamine naturally. Consequently, nicotine dependence reduces.

This naturally released dopamine also helps to sustain the elevated mood, increased energy levels, and stamina, thus reducing reliance on cigarettes drastically.

USPs of Smotect Natural Tablets:
● 100% safe and natural
● Nicotine-free
● Non-addictive
● Over 95% success rate with zero side effects
● Clinically-proven
● FDA-approved
● GMP-certified

Benefits of Smotect Natural Tablets:
● Help improve lung function
● Protect vital organs (lungs, heart, brain and skin) from the impact of years of smoking
● Increase immunity
● Increase energy and stamina to perform regular activities
● Improve mental status
● Improve sleep quality and mental relaxation
Engage in positive self-talk Practice this positive self-talk.
● Smoking is not reflective of my whole being.

● It is okay even if I relapse. A relapse doesn’t indicate a doomed future.

● It’s pointless being critical of myself. Relapse is common when quitting smoking.

● It is all right to fail.

● I need to adopt an effective regime to combat smoking.
This tip helps you to non-identify yourself with smoking.

It reinforces the following thoughts:
● Smoking doesn’t define you.

● Whether you have been smoking for years or just started, it is merely a habit.

● Like any other habit, it can be unlearned.
Sign up for Smotect Guided Sessions Visit www.smotect.com to register. Smotect Guided Sessions are a step-by-step video series based on the approach of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

These sessions comprise tangible tools, techniques and breathing exercises, and are designed by quit-smoking experts.

● Strengthen your mental muscle

● Help manage cravings and withdrawals

● Improve ability to deal with slips and relapses

● Boost awareness of psychological triggers and smoking patterns

● Help you learn the idea of not liking smoking

● Reduce your mental dependence on cigarettes

● Offer support from quit-smoking experts on WhatsApp: http://wa.me/+918928597731

● Unlearn the habit of smoking psychologically
Get support from family and friends Share your intention to quit smoking with family and close friends. This gesture makes you feel accountable.

It creates a reliable network of cheerleaders who care about you and want to see you as a non-smoker.

You can fall back on them for support in case of a relapse. Often, a word of support or kindness from a loved one does wonders.
Reward yourself Treat yourself or indulge in any positive interest or habit. Gamify your approach to quitting smoking.

When you reward yourself frequently, you feel inclined and motivated to stick to your quit-smoking journey.



Quitting smoking is perhaps one of your best new year's resolutions. If you follow the above-mentioned plan, there is a high possibility that you will stick to your resolution for life. 

Smotect Natural Tablets and Smotect Guided Sessions are time-tested and proven approaches to combat smoking. Both will help you rewire your brain and break your cigarette-smoking addiction for good. 

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