Can Smoking Trigger an Early Menopause?

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Studies show that Women who join a smoking cessation program and start using stop smoking tablets can stop earlier menopause – Read to know more

Early menopause can cause decreased fertility and impaired health which are significant health issues in the life of a woman. You must have been searched for how to quit smoking several times after knowing this is harmful to a woman’s health for many reasons ranging from severe health conditions to irreparable hair and skin damage. But a primary reason why a woman must attempt to quit smoking is its detrimental effect on menopausal health. 

While many women may often joke about how they can’t wait to get rid of the monthly hassle of periods, there are many difficult and bothersome symptoms of menopause that have to be taken into consideration – so we can find the best way to quit smoking.

Menopause is a turbulent time in women’s life.

Smoking can cause or aggravate many of the menopause symptoms, making the situation worse than it should be –and that is why doctors ask their patients to give up smoking by taking natural quit smoking tablets.

Below listed are some of these symptoms:

  1. Smoking’s effect on estrogen levels:

Smoking dramatically reduces estrogen, a hormone that plays a vital role in women’s health. Scientific studies have found that nicotine inhibits the conversion of androgens into estrogens. Thereby reducing the estrogen levels circulating in the female system leading to an early onset of menopause. However, if you give up smoking by getting the best treatment for smoking addiction, such things will begin to reshape in your favour. The reduction in estrogen levels affects both the mind and the body. Physical changes are commonly seen in skin, bones and obesity alongside mental changes such as poor sleep, mood swings and anxiety.

A popular and effective treatment for smokers to relieve these nasty symptoms is known as Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT. Alas! It comes with limitations when applied to smokers, making the situation much worse. The risk of HRT multiplies in smokers and is much higher as compared to non-smokers – so you need to look for a natural smoking cessation therapy.

  1. More frequent and severe hot flashes:

    Smoking multiplies the chances of hot flashes not just in intensity but also in frequency. Women in menopause experience symptoms of hot flashes that include the face turning red, palpitation (increased heart rate) and excessive sweating. Anti smoking tablets ate the only solution – and some may try to terrify you by making up stories on quit smoking side effects of the nicotine chewing gum side effects – don’t fall for it and follow science – not fantasies.
  1. Bone loss and osteoporosis: 
    Menopause makes the bones weak and brittle. The free radicals from cigarette smoke weaken the bones further. The reduced density of bone increases the chances of fractures, even with little stress on them. Quit cigarettes today using the best anti smoking drugs because women who smoke are two times more at risk for fractures than non-smokers. One more reason to stop smoking is that it reduces blood flow throughout your body and causes damage to your nerves. There are chances that one might lose sensation in their feet or toes that can ultimately make you more susceptible to a fall and easily injure the already weakened bones.

    4. Vaginal dryness:

In menopause, estrogen production is reduced significantly. There aren’t any quit smoking side effects, but on the contrary, smoking further slows down the production and circulation of estrogen. This causes a direct reduction in the vaginal fluid that acts as a natural lubricant. Vaginal dryness can make activities like exercise and sex very uncomfortable.

  1. Dry eye disease:
    With fluctuating sex hormones such as estrogen due to menopause and smoking, the eyes suffer from dryness just as the skin and vagina. This leads to itching, pain, irritation and even blurring of vision.

It's important to note that it’s not just smokers who suffer, but also the ones around them. Passive smoking can also contribute to complications in menopause caused due to smoking – so join a smoking cessation program and learn how to quit smoking naturally. 

So, not just the smoker, but the ones who spend time around them should take their precautions too. 

If you wish to see the positive effects of stop smoking, we urge you to our Smoking withdrawal tablets – they are natural and made of 12 therapeutic herbs.

The Smotect benefits in Menopause and Smoking:

Smotect Quit Smoking Natural Tablets can help you successfully kick the habit most naturally. Hence playing an undeniable role in the effective management of menopause. The active ingredients in Smotect quit smoking Tablets are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. This ultimately helps in the prevention of degenerative and inflammatory changes that take place due to menopause. 

The phytoestrogens (natural estrogen promoting) present in natural herbs of Smotect help to balance the estrogen levels, normalizing the menopause process. 

Smotect natural tablets are the best tablets for quitting smoking as it has herbs such as Brahmi (Bacopa Monnineri) and Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) that have calming and stress relieving properties. Menopause is a complicated and challenging time in a woman’s life. Adding the detrimental effects of smoking to the mix is not worth all the difficulty that comes with it.

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