How Smoking Cigarettes Can Damage Your Sense of Taste and Smell

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Everyone knows that habit smoking can cause not only serious illnesses such as cancer, lungs, and heart problems but also problems such as loss of taste and smell. These may look like minor issues, but they can be very damaging over the long term if you don’t find tablets to help you quit smoking naturally.

Smoking and its link to dulling your sense of taste and smell

However, before going to the smoking withdrawal tablets, you need to know that the “Taste” function is very important for health. Taste buds convey a sense of sweetness, acidity, bitterness, saltiness, and metallic taste. One of the functions of the taste system is to stimulate and produce the digestive system.

The secretion of saliva, stomach acid, and pancreatic juice enhances joy and satiety and determines the quality of food as a "good" tasting food from the "bad" that can be harmful to our body. The sense of smell also helps us to perceive odors and tastes. The complex and interconnected taste and smell system is not only responsible daily, but also acts as a warning sign to protect against adverse situations – and is why the role of best tablets for quitting smoking becomes so important. To perform these functions, the two systems work together to complement the information received from the sensory organs.

Studies show that smoking can dull food and make it worse. Habit Smoking can lead to decreased taste sensitivity. They also found that the taste buds on the tongue of smokers were flatter than the taste buds on the tongue of non-smokers. There was also a statistically significant difference between the taste thresholds of smokers and nonsmokers. Without a concrete quitting smoking timeline, Nicotine can cause functional and morphological changes in the taste buds without seriously affecting the number of taste buds. Smoking can affect the shape of taste buds and angiogenesis while affecting the blood supply system of the tongue.

Tobacco chemicals are already known to cause taste loss and structural changes in smokers' tobacco-type papillae. Studies show that nearly 20% of smokers cannot correctly identify the taste. The degree of damage to the taste buds depends on the exposure time and concentration – so finding the best way to quit smoking sooner will help.

Scientific research also supports the idea that smoking interferes with the olfactory sensation i.e. the sense to smell. The indices of the olfactory function (smell sensation) in smokers were significantly lower than non-smokers concerning identification assessments, discrimination, and odor concentration content. This shows a positive correlation between decreased olfactory sensitivity (smell sensation) and smoking and a negative correlation between olfactory sensitivity and the amount smoked. Again, the tablets to help you quit smoking are significant here, as smokers are six times more likely than non-smokers to have a poor sense of smell.

The use of tobacco is known to have long-term negative effects on olfactory function due to changes in the olfactory nerve (the nerve that provides a sense of smell) epithelium and increased apoptosis of the olfactory neurons. The effect on the smell of a smoker is directly correlated to the number of cigarettes he/she smokes on average i.e. the more cigarettes one smokes more the chances of loss of smell arise.

Cigarette smoke impacts the respiratory tract, where inflammation and mutagenic and carcinogenic effects are the most common effects. Some of the components of smoke are damaging to the sensory systems while others exert toxic effects in the airway, possibly causing injury or death of cells.

Without the best quit smoking tablets, you may encounter a reduction in the cleaning capacity of the airways and hyperplasia (increase in size or enlargement) of mucus cells, resulting in increased mucus production. These changes in the olfactory neuroepithelium (the lining of the nerves) may be structural and/or functional. Repeated exposure to smoke leads to a decrease of sensory cell production capacity causing loss of sensibility to odors and olfactory recognition and thus significant loss of smell over some time.

Why Quitting smoking is never easy?

Single tobacco contains about 1012 milligrams of nicotine, and about 1.1 to 1.8 mg of nicotine can be consumed each time. Nicotine is a very addictive substance similar to cocaine and heroin – and to beat that, you will have to find the best tablets for quitting smoking. If you smoke, nicotine is mixed in the blood. When it reaches the brain, it feels dopamine, comfortable, calm, and happy-I release good hormones. When dopamine is exhausted, they return to their original state and begin after the fresh river of nicotine.

Nicotine acts as a stimulant. People can’t quit smoking easily as they believe it improves their concentration. They have a hard time concentrating if they don't smoke. After quitting smoking for a while, symptoms such as anxiety, frustration, anger, tremors, depression, insomnia, and distraction appear. Due to these unpleasant nicotine withdrawal symptoms, smokers often resume smoking.

It's not easy to quit. People usually look to smoking as a coping mechanism, especially when they are stressed. They usually limit their intake before trying to finish it all at once, which often fails. If you're feeling stressed, it's a good idea to try other coping strategies. Best tablets for quitting smoking can help nullify your chances. Studies show that People who quit even for a short time will have a rapid improvement in lung health. But, again, you need to set a solid quitting smoking timeline to break the routine – and to help you out, we have created the Smotect quit smoking program (Success rate: > 95%, 100% Natural Ingredients)

How Smotect Quit Smoking Program can help?

The good news however is the sense of smell and taste can be regained and improved post-cessation of smoking. These positive effects of withdrawal can occur immediately after cessation, and this could be used to motivate smokers to quit smoking.

Smotect quit smoking tablets not only help in quitting smoking but also helps to regain the lost structure and function of the taste buds and their respective nerves. These actions are achieved by the anti-inflammatory action of potent action of ingredients of Smotect cigarette quitting tablets. Also tissue repair and regeneration capacity of Smotect stop smoking tablets help to rebuild the cellular structures and regain the original functions of these organs. 

The ant-oxidant potential of these herbs in Smotect cigarette quitting tablets also helps to prevent degenerative damages in the nerves and others cells.

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