Aromatherapy for Cigarette Cravings: What You Need to Know

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Many of us are finding it difficult to keep up our positive attitudes as year-end draws to a close and have abandoned our resolutions. Giving up smoking is one of the most common resolutions every year, but it may also be one of the most difficult to follow.

Finding the best smoking cessation approach is essential because there is a constant temptation and everyday stress that leads to smoking. We're going to demonstrate how to achieve it utilizing aromatherapy as one of your tools today on this blog.

How can scents help?

According to a brief study, smokers may find it easier to refrain from smoking when they smell fragrances they prefer, like peppermint or chocolate. Most adult smokers claim to wish to stop, and many ultimately succeed. The Journal of Abnormal Psychology reports that around half of smokers who want to quit do so within two weeks.

According to lead study author Michael Sayette, a psychology professor at the University of Pittsburgh, "There are several techniques that people utilize for quitting smoking, including nicotine products, medication, and behavioral treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation." In short, nicotine cravings are hard to manage because they are hardwired into the brains of smokers. However, breathing a whiff of a calming scent might be sufficient to ease a smoker's tension, perhaps momentarily. 

The experiment:

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh studied 232 smokers, ages 18-55. Participants were asked to inhale and rate a variety of fragrances, including those that are typically thought to be pleasant (such as apple, peppermint, lemon, vanilla, etc.). The next step was to invite the subjects to light but not smoke a cigarette. The participants had to score their desire to smoke on a scale of 1 to 100 after holding the lit cigarette in their hands for 10 seconds before putting out the flame.

For the following five minutes, they inhaled the aroma while assessing their desire to smoke every 60 seconds. It should be no surprise that the subjects gave their favorite cigarette brand's odor the highest cravings score (82.13%). However, compared to smelling tobacco (11.7%) or the blank smell (11.2%), breathing a pleasant perfume considerably reduced yearning scores (19.3%).

While not a miracle cure, the results of these studies suggest that the strategic use of aromatherapy could play a part in helping smokers quit. More generally, aromatherapy is a great aid in helping treat the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. These include restlessness, weight gain, lack of attention, irritation, aggressiveness, anxiety, and depression.

As the study says, the decrease in nicotine craving can last up to five minutes, giving smokers enough time to decide not to light up or flee a dangerous circumstance. The reason why a nice perfume can reduce cravings is that, according to the study, the scent may divert smokers by conjuring up memories connected to these cues. For instance, peppermint brought up memories of a Holiday as a kid for one of the participants. To prove this theory, more study is required.

Almost one in five deaths are caused by smoking cigarettes. Cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are the top three smoking-related deaths (COPD). Smoking has been linked to a variety of cancers in addition to the "top three," as well as diabetes, osteoporosis, hip fractures, stomach ulcers, gum disease, and a greater probability of contracting various infections and colds.

By giving up smoking, you can live longer. It's never too late to give up. Although the earlier, the better. Even at the age of 80, quitting brings real advantages. We got multiple ways to quit smoking, one of which is through surrounding yourselves with pleasant odors to momentarily distract yourselves from the cravings. As they say, ‘Smell good, feel good.’ 

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